Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This is a late announcement that I'm going to take a small blogging break. I thank you so much for all of your lovely comments and support they mean a lot to me. And don't worry nothing wrong I'm just tired and don't want to feel guilty for leaving you all with out a word. So I'm not. :) I'll try to be back soon with lots to share. I love you all!
Love, Clara

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

christmas time

This post is going to be a bit random I think, it's almost Christmas and I'm finally finding the time to remind myself what that all entails. Mostly knitting like MAD, which I'll show you more of later. It's snowed a lot lately, keeping the bare trees delightfully frosted.

Here's the cygnet picture, I'm the one in the glasses and Odette is the one in the center back. All of the shows went well, except for the Saturday matinee, the music didn't turn on so we did our whole variation with just one of our teachers snapping the time for us backstage. But now we can at least say we did it! Dance is done for the year, and I must say I'm welcoming the break, I hadn't realized how tired I was until I stopped.

The sun rises late and sets early, Monday (when I took this) was winter solstice, it was a little after ten. We had four hours of light, I think. Some people here hate how it's always dark, but I don't this is one of my favorite times of year just because it is dark, and when it's light... well you can see from the photo.
I'm reading Emma for the first time, I've never seen the movie either so it's completely new, which is wonderful.
Here's my most recent purchase, Value Village for $7, more than I usually pay, but I figured for this it was definitely worth it.

don't you agree?

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, I might be back before it comes, but probably not for there is so much to do! We've been baking all sorts of delights, Russian tea cakes, rugalach, sugar cookies, ginger bread, fudge. And today we're building a ginger bread light house. It's so exciting and I've been away from it all far too long. I wish you all magical Christmases filled with sugar plum visions and popcorn chains.
Eskimo kisses,

Monday, December 14, 2009

I made it! and after Thursday(art final) I should be able to resume a semi-regular online life. This past week has been so unbelievably wonderful, I got my first pair of pointe shoes! I had to send them back because they were too big, but I should be getting the perfect ones today or tomorrow. Also, I got moved up to ballet four! I think things are finally taking a turn for the better, my hopes for this coming year are soaring high.

I got to help work on this tutu for the sugar plum fairy the picture is blurry, but this tutu is absolutely exquisite. Some more good news is that I'm going to be doing a self designed costuming class next semester with a focus in dance. Kristen and I are going to do it together and each of us will make our own tutus.

The Swanhilda tutu is one of my favorites, it's for the wedding variation.
Here's some photos I took during the dry tec, they changed the backdrop before the show, that's why it's rather strange. Enjoy!
Odette from Swan Lake

Swanhilda from Coppelia

The Lilac Fairy from Sleeping Beauty

The Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker
Giselle from Giselle

I wish you could have watched the show because the photos don't do these girls justice. I'll be back soon!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

a little note, please read

This is just to say that I don't have time to answer all your wonderful comments and I'm so sorry, I will try my hardest once everything thing calms down. But please don't stop leaving them, :) I read them all and they make my day to no end, I just want my replies to be well thought out and heart felt, which I just don't have time to do now. Tonight was our first show and it went beautifully. I'll try to post some pictures soon, just not sure when. I love you all!
Love, Clara

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dance is taking over my life! For the next ten days I will be dancing a minimum of an hour a day, usually more. So, this is just to say that I probably won't be able to post much. But I promise to take lots of pictures and do a very big post about my lengthy week once it's all over okay?

This is my bosom friend Kristen, I thought I would introduce you and also show you what the top of the mazurka costumes look like. There will be better pictures eventually, would you mind if some time this week I just post some dance pictures and a tiny bit of words? I might be able to manage that.
I've been working on fixing up some clothes, here's one of my most recent completed projects, I just added the little collar/trim. Right now I'm hoping to finish up a nice backpack style bag, I carry so much stuff around that my typical hobo style purses are really messing my back and neck up, so hopefully my the backpack will fix that problem.

Christmas is coming too! This Saturday I'm going to watch the Nutcracker and I can hardly wait, I haven't seen it for seven years and I now that I know so much more about ballet I feel like I'll appreciate it better too. Eight years ago I was in it as a little elf at the beginning, I had so much fun. Well I really want to post this tonight because I won't have another chance for quite a while. So I hope you all have a marvelous weekend I love you all and will hopefully be back next week.

Eskimo kisses,