Monday, March 22, 2010

scraps of paper

" I believe in lots of things, lots of things lots of people don't believe. I believe in love, and magic, and joy, and maybe that's childish, but I don't care. Besides, children are usually a lot smarter than adults, because they believe in something even if it's impossible and the adults believe in nothing, even the things that are possible"

(photo and text by me)

Monday, March 15, 2010

(from silk and I fee like how she looks, *giggle* )
Sick days, oh man, well it's fortunate for you all because it means I will actually post! I truly do apologize for my scarcity, senior year is really starting to get to me. But I'm not going to think about that. I'm going to talk to you about costumes! Or rather my views on costumes, you know, favorites and whatnot. I should also note that for most of these photos you should be able to click on them to get a bigger (hence better) view.

I would say that details are one of the most important parts of costuming for me, (I'll get into why a bit later) and just look at them in these two screen caps. On the first dress, I'm pretty sure it's smocking on the bodice, and just look how much it adds, without it the dress wouldn't be anything special. As a knitter I can't help noticing the lovely sweater, the tiny ruffle/lace work detail is perfect. There's also another sweater in this movie that I want to try to make some day, I'll show you sometime.

( the prestige )
I find it very impressive when a designer is daring and creative, yet stays accurate within a time period. I haven't done enough research to tell you if this costume is accurate, but it looks right to me. Taking into consideration of course that the story takes place within a slightly bohemian type setting, so rather eccentric clothing fits the characters and their situation. I just love the use of stripes and embroidery here, color too, plus detail!
(Becoming Jane)
Detail in costumes is important for several different reasons, the main one that is relevant to movie goers (such as you and me) is that it makes the world seem real. Even if the audience never sees the details up close and in full, they can tell if they're there or not (at least I can). The other reason is for the actors, if they can put on a costume that seems to have a history, or that their character might have even made herself, it helps them find a reality in the what they are portraying. An actor needs to find a connection with the costume even if they are just seeing it for the first time.

The above dress is simple and yet very convincing, there's no wow factor or anything eye-grabbing about it, yet that's why it works. It has a harmony and accuracy that makes in blend in with the setting and the story. It's simple and it's beautiful.
( secret of moonacre )
Now there's also the costumes that don't have to belong to a time period, instead they help create a make believe world. And those are ever so much fun, are they not? Because creativity is what rules the day, mostly. Now I haven't seen this movie, (and Katherine said it was terrible) but I can't help but love the costumes. You can't really see much in this first photo, only of the carpet bag, which I am SO jealous of. I mean, it's amazing, just LOOK at it! Okay, I'm getting rather excited, but most of you know of my love for carpet bags and this one's perfect.
( secret of moonacre )
I tend to fall in love with any sort of period night wear or undergarments as well, not quite sure why, except that they do tend to be awfully pretty. Some day I think I will have a whole wardrobe that's just for pretty night gowns and such, I've looked for a nice one every time I've gone thrifting for quite a while now but never found what I'm looking for. However, I have been working on some lacy white things for my soon-to-be shop that I can hardly wait to show you!
( Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events)
I've gotten to distracted to go on about costumes now, so I'll leave you with this adorable and (detail-wise) delicious photo of Sunny (imagine making that cloak for a little girl!), and give you a quick up date on how the tutu making is going. So far it's all been about doing the math for the basque and making mock-ups. I'll explain a lot of this later, but just know that not much has really happened. We haven't cut any of the net or bodice fabric yet, hopefully that will change soon! I have less than nine weeks to finish this thing, which should be plenty of time, if I didn't have so many other commitments. But it's coming together and things are going well, I promise to show you more soon, especially when we actually start MAKING it. So, I love you all and thank you so much for your patience with me.
Love, Clara

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

As they lay there in the nest of blankets he studied the constellations on her back, lost in that dark nights wonders in the lamp light. Her chopped feathery hair, her angular shoulders, her sloping back and narrow waist.
The air above them was frigid and frost had formed on the door and windows, but the high sides of their blanket nest kept them warm as they curled up there together. The fire on the other side of the room was burning low, producing almost no light at all, only occasionally would it spark back up.
His arm came round those bony shoulders and drew them to him, her night sky back firm against his chest, soft and smooth. He felt her smile, and there he held her, their heads on the same pillow and the same stars in their sleepy eyes, which now closed, leaving the fire and the lamp alone.

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