Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's Spring

 This always happens, the trees start blooming and the grass and rhubarb start growing, and the birds are singing and the windows and doors are open, and well, I don't blog.  Because it's so beautiful, and my attention span is so short for anything that must be done indoors (and doesn't require yarn), and I collect beautiful images and ideas and wild things and forget to share.  Also, I got an smart phone, which has a better camera than my "real" camera.  So, I've gotten sucked into Instagram (that link is to my page), and that whole little world.  Which has been fun.
 I've been working on my knitting pattern.  It's typed out, and I'm knitting it up a second time, as I'm hoping to provide a few different yarn options (for different budgets).  Then I'll have some friends test it out, and I'll work on putting it into a nice PDF and... then I'll have a knitting pattern to share! I'm very nervous, but also excited, it something I've been wanting to do for so long, it's almost unreal that I'm actually going to try.  I hope you all like it.
I hurt my knee last week, so I've had to rest it a lot, but I've still been pretty busy; picking raspberry leaves for tea, and spruce tips for experiments (I'm thinking syrup first), and knitting and reading. I hope you all are having a lovely spring as well!  Smelling every flower you can, and putting your feet up after days in the dirt, drinking cold beverages and listening to good music and life sounds.  (It's been a fall asleep to the Avett Brothers kind of week for me (The Gleam, all the way)).  Have a wonderful weekend!
Love, Clara