Monday, November 18, 2013

About Time

I have a new favorite movie.  Or close, it's at least tied with all of my favorites.  It's called About Time.  And Oh!  It is just so stinkin' perfect!  I want to see it again.  I really love the movies that are just about life, and where the characters are awkward and endearing and the pain and joy and love and aches are all mixed together.  And that's what this movie has in the very best of ways.

Also?  She wears glasses.  There's cuteness humor, awkward humor, and smart humor, (seriously!  His dad reads from Dickens!).  Great soundtrack.  Her style is perfect.  Lots of England and English-ness.  Family is lovingly laced through the entire thing, you could almost say that that's what it's about actually.  And so much more.  But I'm going to be done now.  :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A picture of mornings.  Oatmeal with golden raisins and walnuts, homemade coconut milk, and a book.  
 I just finished Mrs. Dalloway, and I'm not sure which I'll hop to next.  I've been so stir crazy lately, reading old books and finishing projects (lots of projects).  I just haven't gotten pictures of them yet.  But there are three sweaters awaiting their debut on this little blog, I've worn them, quite a lot, just haven't managed decent photos yet.
 I got some yarn though.  Isn't it lovely?  It's so much better in person too, I assure you.  Saturday, my mom, a friend, her mom, and I went to a craft bazaar where I bought this yarn and some other goodies.  This being the best purchase, by far.
 As you can see, the skein is huge!  I talked with the seller, for a long time.  She, until recently, had a herd of alpacas, and she was selling the yarn that she'd spun from them, as well as other yarns that she'd dyed and knitted up.  She uses only natural dyes, which was fascinating to hear about their different properties.  I was hoping to try some natural dying this summer actually, but I was just too busy with camp and work and everything else.  Next summer though, it's high on my list.  She said that with the indigo, (and I think with basically all natural dyes) the color fades over time.  I guess that bothers a lot of people, but I personally find that beautiful.  I love how organic the whole process is.  I care more about the durability of a piece of clothing, than I do about the brightness of a color.  So the shawl that this yarn will become will fade with time, just like people, just like old photographs, just like memories.  But that doesn't change it's beauty, I personally think it adds to it.  Someday, when this yarn is faded to a light blue, it will still be lovely, my kids and grandchildren will all remember it in different shades, just as I will always remember it as the color of a deep night sky.  

Here are some socks I just finished too.  The pattern is Hermione's Everyday Socks, and I used one of the Patons variegated sock yarns, which I really liked knitting.  Yay for wool and for keeping warm! :)  The socks are the same size, despite what they look in the picture.  I promise.

Love, Clara