Monday, September 30, 2013


About a week and a half ago I had an hour in between dropping off and picking up my brother for his dance class, so after much indecision I went to Creamer's Field. I've written about it before, but there are the fields where birds who are migrating like to stop, and also lots of nature trails.  But this time there were swans, I saw them right as I pulled into my parking space, eight of them.  I was so excited, I got out and and went right up to the fence and just watched them.  I don't know how long I was there, maybe twenty minutes, before they flew off, onto where ever they're headed next.  It was magnificent, I'd just re-read Daughter of the Forest too, which made it equally special.

Love, Clara

Friday, September 20, 2013

My first shawl!  Finished ages ago, it's just taken me a really long time to get good photos.  The beads weren't a part of the pattern, but I'm really glad I did them.  They add just a nice bit of sparkle I think.  The chemise I'm wearing underneath will be shown in more detail next!  (photos by my sister and notes on the shawl are on my ravelry page)

Monday, September 16, 2013

 There is nothing like a solitary walk to clear your head and remember what the true order of importance in life really is.  To see things again, to pray and marvel, to smile and to breathe fresh air.

  Because all of the things I worry about really don't matter.  Not in the eternal scope of it all, not even in the whole of my life, not in the way that I seem to think it will in the moment.  Money, success, people's opinions, failure, disappointments,  loss... it all doesn't hold the weight that I give it, not really.  Not like joy and peace and fresh air and life and love and grace and forgiveness do.  And I have those, or at least the ability to find them and dwell in them and share them.

 And then there's beauty too, the beauty that I live in and have the ability to make.  The beauty that I daily fail to see because I'm so busy trying to see ahead into what I can't know yet or live yet.  The beauty that can heal and soothe, that carries the joy and the peace and the love and the life that I'm supposed to fight for.

I know all this, none of these words or thoughts contain anything new or hold any life changing "revelations".  But the woods is the best place, I've found, to get reminded again of it all.  It's exactly like one of my campers said this summer, "the woods is just good for my soul"  to which all I could say was, "yes it is Riley, oh... yes it is."

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Old pictures, with a camera full on new ones that still need to be uploaded.  But hey, at least it's a post.  And maybe finally posting will help me get past the never posting at all hump.  One can hope.
Let's see, camp is over, I was put on a jury the day after it ended, that lasted a week, then I had my birthday, and then things slowed down.  It's been nice to breathe again.  And soak in Jesus' love and truth again.  And knit again.  And read again (oh the reading!  It has been wonderful).  And not have to fix food for 40+ people every day.  And while I've yet to find a job for the winter, it's good.  There is peace.  And life.  And grace.  And it is good.

Love, Clara