Thursday, June 26, 2014

mushroom hunting

It's hard to believe that this was already two weeks ago, time is going by so quickly.  I went morel mushrooming with a few of my amazing co-workers and a few of their friends, before they invited me I didn't even know that morels grew up here.  But apparently they are pretty prolific!  I've always thought of foraging as more of a late summer/fall thing.  I mean I knew from the books I've read that there are certainly things to harvest in the spring and early summer, but I'd just never given it a try.  So when I was invited I jumped at the chance.

And even though it was after one of the longest days I'd had in ages, it was absolutely worth it, and I'd do it again in a heart beat.  (hopefully I can soon!)  It was a beautiful evening, albeit mosquito infested, which is why I only got a few pictures.  My hands would be coated with the little buggers the moment I held them still enough to take a picture!  But really the whole experience was beautiful enough to make the constant buzzing not much of problem.

One of the girls I went with is getting her masters in mycology, so naturally I pestered her with questions, that she thankfully seemed happy to answer.  She is the one who wove that fantastic basket above for her mushrooms! I'm still in awe.  It's been busy times for me of late, but thanks to a new knitting project and chocolate and some good reads I'm making it.  It's been raining a lot lately, which I've enjoyed so much.  It helps me take it slower, I think.  May blessings find you through the rest of your week!

Love, Clara

Monday, June 16, 2014


A week ago last Saturday I spent the morning sitting in the grass picking dandelions and watching bees.  It was about as perfect as a morning can be.  In this busy life I've found it to be incredibly healing to take the time to watch and wonder.  To watch the bee probing for nectar, to notice how some have black abdomens and others are more golden, to see their feet collect pollen, and marvel at how quickly they beat their wings.   To let time melt away, and to allow myself to just observe and study, to embrace the curiosity rather than rush on to more "important" things.  So, I watched bees.  For maybe an hour?  I don't even know.  But it was wonderful.  I know that.

So, dandelions.  Our yard is full of them.  I harvested barely a fraction, and filled a huge pickle jar for sun dying and also had enough to make two loafs of dandelion bread (which was really good!).  And my mother was digging up the roots for roasted dandelion root tea while I was picking heads.  I also am experimenting with using blueberries for sun dying.  We'll see how it goes.

More there will be more foraging posts coming soon!

Love, Clara

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

 Hello.  This is Elliot (a name likely to change), without a doubt the cutest thing I have ever made.  Just today he got sent off to his new home, where he will be the (constant) companion (hopefully) of my new favorite baby.
 Look at that face!!!!  Melt my heart.
 Knitted from this pattern here. Using the luxurious Debbie Bliss cashmerino yarn, so he would be extra, extra soft and cuddly.
 It's a little funny how I said there wouldn't be any more knitted animals for a while, and here I go, next knitting project posting a stuffed elephant.  But I HAVE finished several other projects, it's just a lot easier to photograph a little something sitting in your lap than a new sweater or hat.
I hope you're having a good week!  And if not, maybe this little guy waving goodbye will help.  Goodbye!

Love, Clara

Thursday, June 5, 2014


 Yard sale finds and some spinning...
 Sewing to the sights and sounds of old movies

 (not always the most comfortable arrangement in the world)
 Reading lots...
Watching the bird that's been visiting my window the past few mornings...
 And more reading, of beautiful, powerful, poignant, books...


Love, Clara