Wednesday, October 28, 2015


 It's almost winter here, I can almost feel the ground freezing underfoot.  It's been a busy time, this month, this year.  I've been pulled in so many directions with jobs and family and friendships this year, but out of necessity and choice I'm learning to set boundaries and care for myself.  In most areas that's been good. Work has become easier to live with, I'm practicing not taking it home with me, and learning to rest when I have the option to rest.  Friendships though have been interesting.  Last spring I felt a friend slipping away from me, and I let her go.  It was hard, but I didn't want to fight for something that I felt wasn't mutual.  And after I did, I found that I liked the space I now had.

I was able to plan my weekends and count on the them to stay how I'd arranged them, I finally had time to sew and to really work on building my skills and confidence there.  I found that I liked being entirely me again, not weighing my actions and convictions on how they could offend this friend.   I hadn't realized how unhealthy the friendship had been until I found myself without it, and I found myself breathing more freely than I had in a long time.  

I thought the friendship was over, I had moved on, reacquainted myself with old friends, and built new habits and patterns for myself.  But months later, everything came back up, and it was ugly and nasty and painful.  It was right in the middle of the worst time possible too, transitions and new responsibilities at work, a death in the family, lice, home remodeling stress.  I dealt with it as well as I was able and knew how.  I know I wasn't perfect,but I've learned through this that it isn't fair to ask myself to be perfect in these situations.  I can do my best, no more, no less.  And I did.  I did do my best.  So I can have grace for myself, as I do for others.  In fact, it's important to.

Anyway, it's been weird and horrible, like a nasty break up.  But also good, because I've learned a lot.  I know now that I can be pretty tough, and I can be honest and vulnerable, without having to take shit from someone.  And I know now that I need to take up my whole space, and be honest about who I am right from the beginning, so that they don't get a false idea of who I am.  So I've been wrestling with loss and forgiveness and all of that good and ugly stuff.  And moving on, cause that's all that can be done.  And it's best done with a positive outlook and some hope.

So... I've been praying a lot, asking for something new, and choosing to make space for rest and peace and creativity.  I've been trying to take care of myself (which has brought some flack, but the good people are supportive of this) and do what I need to do to make it through.  It's like I'm learning to have faith and trust, but also to grab for things and to fight for myself at the same time.  It seems contradictory, but I've found faith to be so much easier, when I'm able to advocate for myself.  
There is so much else I want to share, at some point.  I'd like to show you all the clothes I've been making.  At this point it's something like two sweaters, two hats, five dresses, two(? I can't remember) tops... and I'm probably forgetting some other things.  Nope, three sweaters.  I think.  Anyway, LIFE, you know.  And taking pictures is so difficult to make happen! Anyway, hope to be back soon.  Thanks for reading.

Love, Clara

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Sierra Bra

Well, hello again.  It has been a long while.  Thank you for the few comments left on my last post, as long ago as that was.  I didn't expect anything, and it was very neat to read the caring in your words.  Things have brightened up a bit, I've learned a little more over the past few months how to walk this shaky path and still surrender.  I've made so many things through it all.  Sewing has become something of an escape, which has meant my wardrobe is improving some.  I made this little bralette, the Sierra bra, using Maddie's sew along.
It came together surprisingly well, I was super nervous about it, but still was determined to try.  And well, it worked!  Now I want to learn even more about bra making, and lingerie sewing.  There are so many beautiful possibilities.
Lace:  Mint Frog on Etsy   Elastics and findings:  Porcelynne on Etsy  
Powermesh-type lining:  Joann's several years ago
Cutting the lace and power mesh out was definitely the hardest part.  I need to invest in a smaller rotary cutter for next time.  I used my mom's which she uses for quilting, and while it worked, it was pretty hard to make it around the curves that you see above.  That will probably have to wait until next month though.  ;)

Hopefully I'll be back soon!

Love, Clara