Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Have you ever noticed that it's impossible to feel ugly when it's snowing?
Everything is made new by snow and it's impossible to not feel like you are as well. And here's the secret: it's true.
The snow really does make everything beautiful, it makes you beautiful, it makes the bare trees beautiful, the city and country alike beautiful. So, even if you're a sceptic it must be admitted that snow is a form of magic.
I, like so many girls, have trouble with my self image, it's so easy to be filled with self loathing because one's arms aren't skinny, or legs are too short, or skin not clear, or what ever it is that makes us look into the mirror and want to cry. It's so hard to fight off the lies that say we need to be a certain size and shape to be beautiful. But still we must fight, we must because if we don't we are letting ourselves down. We are cheating ourselves of the freedom and self respect we deserve.
But as I said, it's not easy. So here's my challenge to myself and anyone who wishes to join in (and I hope you do). Next time it's snowing put on a warm hat and a big sweater and go outside. Wander under a street light, or lay back in the snow bank, catch the little ice crystals on your tongue, feel them brush against your cheeks and stick in your eye lashes. Laugh or sing into the stillness and know. Know that you're beautiful.
And if there is no snow where you are, or won't be for a long time, then go outside and watch the sunset, it has the same effect. Watch the trees catch the low golden light, feel it's warmth upon your face, dance as it sinks past sight, and know. Know that you're beautiful. Because all girls are.
With all my heart,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Dear Readers,
I am terribly sorry for how pathetic this post is I will try to come back and do it justly as soon as the computers at my parents decide to work for me. As for now this will have to do, as I do not want to keep the seven lovelies who entered the give away in suspense. So around noon today I put those seven names into a bowl and had my sister draw one and the winner is...

Congratulations! So my dear I already have your address, so no worries there, your little parcel will be on it's way to you shortly. Thank you so much all of you for your recommendations (I just got The Sea-Wolf from the Library today) I can hardly wait to dig into them all. Again, I really wish I could send all of you a little something, even though you all can't have the actual package, so if you would like to receive a little hand drawn post card by yours truly, just email me your address at thewoodbetweenworlds@gmail.com and I will send a little note of thanks your way!
Love, love, Clara

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's the last day to enter the give away! So comment quick! I'll be back tomorrow to announce the winner.

love, Clara