Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Have you ever noticed that it's impossible to feel ugly when it's snowing?
Everything is made new by snow and it's impossible to not feel like you are as well. And here's the secret: it's true.
The snow really does make everything beautiful, it makes you beautiful, it makes the bare trees beautiful, the city and country alike beautiful. So, even if you're a sceptic it must be admitted that snow is a form of magic.
I, like so many girls, have trouble with my self image, it's so easy to be filled with self loathing because one's arms aren't skinny, or legs are too short, or skin not clear, or what ever it is that makes us look into the mirror and want to cry. It's so hard to fight off the lies that say we need to be a certain size and shape to be beautiful. But still we must fight, we must because if we don't we are letting ourselves down. We are cheating ourselves of the freedom and self respect we deserve.
But as I said, it's not easy. So here's my challenge to myself and anyone who wishes to join in (and I hope you do). Next time it's snowing put on a warm hat and a big sweater and go outside. Wander under a street light, or lay back in the snow bank, catch the little ice crystals on your tongue, feel them brush against your cheeks and stick in your eye lashes. Laugh or sing into the stillness and know. Know that you're beautiful.
And if there is no snow where you are, or won't be for a long time, then go outside and watch the sunset, it has the same effect. Watch the trees catch the low golden light, feel it's warmth upon your face, dance as it sinks past sight, and know. Know that you're beautiful. Because all girls are.
With all my heart,


Emily.. said...

this is gorgeous.
i wish it snowed where i live!
beautiful post

take care

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is so lovely and inspiring. Thank you. The photographs are perfect, and yes I must admit, there is something magical about the snow. It makes everything glitter and glow. It is actually snowing right now as I right these words, and I keep looking out of the window. x

Melee said...

Absolutely beautiful and so very wise, my dear! Your words have come at a time when I really need to hear them. And I so wish that it would snow now... it snowed here in December last year, which was practically a first. I hope for a repeat of that this year!

(P.S. - I miss you lots, I really do! <3)

Heather said...

This is so beautiful and wise, exactly what I needed. Thank you.

sara said...

this is so very true clara! and so lovely and inspiring and i will do exactly as you say!i hope you are having a lovely winter dear!

Anonymous said...

this is just so, so lovely. thank you for this, really :) xx

magnoliaamber said...

I would love love to do this but here in a place where I live I don't have snow:)

But I shall soon climb up tea planting in my country so I will show you this:)

sara said...

clara dear! i received your letter just today! it made me so happy! thank you thank you! i hope you have a wonderful christmas!



mckenzie. said...

This is a sweet and lovely thing to say! Such wonderful words. I am a new follower, dear. xx

Lyndall said...

What beautiful thoughts x

We should always feel beautiful, no matter what. I wish it snowed here! It's summer for me, so instead I shall go outside and dance on the warm ground with bare feet. And then eat an icecream <3