Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm back!

Yes, I'm here! I apologize profusely for being gone over a month. December was completely insane, with work (I work in retail so every day was like trying to go up a packed-out down escalator), trying to make presents, and squeeze in and figure other things out as well, but some how I did manage some time to think. And two things have been finalized. I'm moving back home and I'm going to start dancing again. Both I am very relieved and happy about.
Moving out and getting my own apartment has been a really good experience, but it's also been a hard one. I've learned a lot about myself and what kind of roommate I'll need if I ever have to share a place with someone again (until I'm married and then none of it will matter, me being queen of the house and all...). Anyway, now I will soon have my own form of transportation, a room that is one hundred percent mine, Internet, the money so that I can dance, and the priceless feeling of being settled.
Dance. I just had my first classes yesterday and it is so wonderful to be back! I'd missed it more than I knew. I'm dancing 6 hours a week, taking ballet, lyrical, and contemporary, all of my favorites. There isn't much else to say right now, except I've missed you all and hope you had a wonderful last year and have a wonderful new one!
love to you all,
PS: oh and thank you so much for your response to my previous post. You really are beautiful!


Melee said...

YAAAAY! *does a happy Clara-is-back dance*

I'm glad you've started dancing again. That's wonderful!
And there's truly no place like home, is there?

...Did I mention I'm happy you're back? <3

Olivia said...

Oh, Clara; dancing sounds marvelous, I'm glad you can do it (we need to do what keeps us breathing, hm?). We've missed your words and tasteful photographs; love you!
X Olivia
I sent your letter today, darling, I am dreadfully sorry it was so late! xxx

frenchtoile said...

That sounds really lovely, moving back home. It really is a wonderful feeling to be home. I have been living on my own as well and it definetly has forced me to grow at least a bit whether I liked it or not:P
enjoy and dance!


Erica Pru said...

So glad you're back dear! I've missed your beautiful posts
AND glad you're dancing again- that's wonderful! Good for you for continuing what you love xoxo

sara said...

miss clara, i am so happy that you have done what's right for you, and that you are happy! i'm so glad you are back!!



Thea said...

I am delighted for you. It seems as if you are on the path to happiness, which is wonderful. Dancing sounds absolutely marvellous. Happy new year to you, Clara. x