Saturday, January 22, 2011

little bits of happiness

dandelion wishes, silk tea bags, stars, the sent of roses, getting a letter in the mail, rainbows,

rain drops on a lake, wooden knitting needles, woodland violets, hot air balloons in the evening,

rocks with rings, pointe shoes, long outdoor walks, buttons, gardens, finger art, hair bows,
kisses, prisms, typewriters, the sound of a wooden flute, butterflies, thick grass, geodes,
writing with a dip pen, fireflies, lace, feathers, wind chimes, playing dress up, glass jars by a window,
bird song, sand castles, dancing in the rain, night time bike rides, mushrooms, secret notes,
fresh flowers brought inside, sea shells on the beach, toe nails painted red, and daisy chains.
Is there anything I missed?
In case anyone has been wondering, I have still be making things, and taking pictures too. I've just misplaced the cord I need to put them on my laptop, so that's why there's been nothing in that area for a long time. Sorry! I promise to update as soon as I find it. I hope the current posts are okay for now.
with braids and lengthening days,
all photos are from weheartit


mckenzie. said...

such a lovely collection of somethings! how i wish i had a dip pen!

Tabitha Bird said...

Oh yes! I love all those things too :) And cupcakes. Can't forget cupcakes.

Thea said...

This is ever so beautiful. I don't think you missed out anything. It's all magic. Ps, beautiful selection of pictures too. x

Melee said...

Wonderful list! I feel happier just reading it. :)
(Though I second the cupcake suggestion, hehe! Homemade ones, particularly.)

Lyndall said...

How beautiful! Such a lovely list of lovely things~

sara said...

lovely lovely clara :) i hope you are well and happy!

t said...

How very wonderful,
actually it makes me miss spring even more... ;)

I hope you are well.

ramona said...

What a beautiful blog you have, and so many beautiful wondrous words. Thank you.

Katherine said...

Clara, how are you darling? I've missed your letters-hope everything is alright!

Betsey said...

oh, such a perfect list!

nacasadorau said...

I've just landed here without a parachute, and actually found the right bird to illustrate one of a friend's poem which I'll publish today.

Your Blog is great, I'll definitely return.

Have a Happy Easter.