Thursday, April 12, 2012

a new craft

For Christmas (already over three months ago, wow!) I got a very exciting present.  A drop spindle!  And I got started learning and practicing with it almost immediately, and I must say I've fallen in love.  The whole process is extremely relaxing and the result is, of course, thrilling, because it's yarn.  :D  And you all know my feelings for yarn.
This is my favorite fiber I've spun so far, a alpaca merino blend.  And oh is it delicious!  Plus the color is lovely, and it's soft but strong.  I dragged it everywhere while I was spinning it because I just didn't want to stop.
An up close on it's woolly goodness...
As soon as I'd finished I cast on a little scarf.  I didn't want the magic of it to end.  It's not finished because I didn't have enough yarn, which really is okay, because that means I get to get more fiber and spin more up and then knit it more.  It's a good process.

Love, Clara