Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i always forget a title

Well I've been gone a while, but I am happy to say I've been busy and productive the whole time! I don't have any photos yet, but I can't wait until I do because I'm so excited. And I'll show you too once I find my camera, and the time for it as well. So, the thing I'm probably the most proud of: I made bread! (no, NOT the bread in the photo, I wish) AND IT WORKED! I was very worried that it wouldn't rise right, or it would rise too much, or I wouldn't kneed it enough, or something, but it turned out beautifully. Which I am still in a bit of a shock about and that was a few weeks ago. Also, I have made lotion, redecorated a pillow, knitted lace, made jam, and planted herbs. Granted all of this has not happened in one day or anything, several weeks is more like it. Summer sure has taken a running start here. I got a new job (YAY!) at a greenhouse, which I must tell you has been a Godsend. My previous job was draining and exhausting, so being outside, in the sun, the warmth, and fresh air has got me much more perky and motivated. Wow, this has been a very enthusiastic post, I hope no one minds how scattered and strange this has been, just wanted to give you an update.

much love,


Sunday, May 8, 2011

I've been doing quite a bit of art journaling lately, it's nice for letting out pent up creative energy before bed. For times when emotions are too heavy for sleep, or you're just stir crazy and can't focus on strictly words or art.

This is my favorite, the photo's not very good (apologies) but it's lyrics from Romeo and Juliet by The Killers. It says:

I can't do the talk, like the talk on the TV, and I can't do a love song like the way it's meant to be. I can't do everything, but I'll do anything for you. I can't do anything except be in love with you. All I do is miss you, and the way we used to be. And all I do is keep the beat and the band company. And all I do is kiss you, through the bars of a rhyme, Juliet I'll do the stars with you anytime. Juliet, when we made love you used to cry, I said I'll love you like the stars above, I'll love you till I die.

If you've never heard that song you should certainly look it up, it's beautiful. Hope you're all well, thank you for the wonderful comments. Oh, and happy Mother's Day, enjoy all the strawberries and planting! :)

Love, Clara