Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I figured out a way to get pictures off my camera, so here's something I've been wanting to show you for ages. It's the baby sweater I made for a friend! She loved it, which is wonderful, I like it a lot too. :) there's just something so endearing about baby knits, I've been wanting to do more of them recently, and I probably will because it seems like so many friends are preggers right now, one of them is even having twins! Also just to show something a bit more I want to re-introduce you to my darling friend Lauren.
This is her and her puppy Remi, they are two of the most adorable creatures I know, I love them so much.
These were all taken while she was doing homework, a time line of the great depression. I helped her find the photos, but that's about it. She sure looks good while doing school though!

I hope this week is treating you well, and if not, be sure to treat yourself well in spite of it, even if it's just taking time to slowly enjoy a cup of tea. You are beautiful and you are worth it.

Love, Clara

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Something I've recently found is that change can be a lot harder to embrace after it's been around a while. Do you know what I mean? Especially the things you were rather excited about before they happened, with me it would be turning 18 and moving out. Both of which had or still have their good points, but I find that I can't help but miss the way things were before then. I know it's hard to believe if you're still in high school, but I'm sure there will be days when you'll miss the way things are. I'm not saying you'll miss everything, goodness knows I don't miss much of those four years, I still wish for the simplicity of the way things could be then.
Specifics I miss: The Gleam by the Avett Brothers, the cure of jasmine tea, baking muffins and biscotti all the time, warm oatmeal to wake up to, my warm sunny window, loosing myself in Robin McKinley's worlds over and over again, knitting while I read, staying up late writing when I was supposed to be in bed, Eisley, the deepness of dreams, at least two cups of tea a morning and one more at night, the parents saying no as a acceptable excuse for staying home, watching Pride and Prejudice at least once a week, how easy it was to hide, sleeping in on weekends, and regular library visits.
That's all for right now, I have a very early work day tomorrow, so I'm gonna say goodnight. But I do want to let you know I got a formspring! So now there's a clean way for me to answer your questions, ask me anything(I think I can handle it).
with memories and sock yarn,
(photo from weheartit)

Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm back. And because I've been gone wordlessly for so long, I think I owe you all an explanation. Nothing serious has happened, I have simply gotten stuck in this rut where I want things (in my blog and my life) to be a certain way, to be just like how I imagine they should be, but when they can't or the obstacles get to high, I panic and do nothing at all. For example: I've been wanting to post my own photos more instead of only ones I find online, but I can't find my cord to transfer photos onto the computer and they don't sell them anywhere I've looked. So rather than continuing to post and explaining the problem, I freeze up and without a word disappear, because I'm sure my blog isn't good enough and now never will be because I can't post my own photos. I'm sure none of you were thinking that, you may have been wondering if I was making things any more (yes I am, and I want to show you, really I do!) but I'm sure none of you were judging me harder than I was judging myself. Besides, blogging shouldn't be about getting more followers and comments, it should be about having fun and being myself, right? So I'm back, hopefully wiser and a little more free as well. I will continue to look for a way to share my photos with you all, but for now I guess we're just gonna have to stick with inspiration, which is never a bad thing. I would like to hear your thoughts though and know if there's anything you'd like to see or hear more of.
Thanks for understanding!
Love, Clara

PS: what do you think of the new look for the blog? I think I like it, but I'm never sure...