Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I figured out a way to get pictures off my camera, so here's something I've been wanting to show you for ages. It's the baby sweater I made for a friend! She loved it, which is wonderful, I like it a lot too. :) there's just something so endearing about baby knits, I've been wanting to do more of them recently, and I probably will because it seems like so many friends are preggers right now, one of them is even having twins! Also just to show something a bit more I want to re-introduce you to my darling friend Lauren.
This is her and her puppy Remi, they are two of the most adorable creatures I know, I love them so much.
These were all taken while she was doing homework, a time line of the great depression. I helped her find the photos, but that's about it. She sure looks good while doing school though!

I hope this week is treating you well, and if not, be sure to treat yourself well in spite of it, even if it's just taking time to slowly enjoy a cup of tea. You are beautiful and you are worth it.

Love, Clara


Melee said...

Ooo, if I ever have a baby I am commissioning you to make it cute knitwear! ;)

I'm glad you figured out a way to get your pictures onto the computer!

Snake Charmer said...

omg that sweater is gorgeous! i absolutely lovve the color and design!! and u just gave me an excellent reminder that it's time to go make myself a cup of tea :)