Monday, October 25, 2010

Give Away!

(tags for my shop! more on these to come...)
I've wanted to do this for a long time and now I'm finally going to! So in honor of you, my wonderful one hundred followers and the fact that today is my two year blogivercery I'm having a give away! You have one week to enter, so next Monday I will collect all of the entrees, place them in a box, and draw out one of your names. All you have to do is recommend something to me, it could be a recipe, a song, a book or author, a website, anything.

I can't say exactly what all the package will consist of, but it will contain these lovely wristlets, an old book, perhaps a pattern or two, and what ever else I fancy to drop in there within the next week. I'm so excited! What I would really like to do is give everyone that enters something. So I was thinking I could mail you all postcards that I've drawn! But then I thought people might be uncomfortable with that, with me collecting a whole bunch of addresses, but I'm going to offer it anyway. So, if you would like to get at least a postcard in the mail you can email me at with your address and I'll get it in the mail as soon as possible!

So I really hope you all enter and have fun thinking of things to recommend! I can't wait to read them all (oh and I got the idea from Emily at The Black Apple, she did it for one of her give aways). Oh and spread the word too! The more people that enter the better!

with old ink and lace,


PS: oops! I had posted the wrong email address! if you emailed me please try again!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm still alive!

I've been gone so long! Oddly enough things are settling down into a bit of a routine, and I should be back for good in time, believe me I didn't want it to be like this. But good has come from it of course, I mean projects that are actually getting FINISHED(oh my goodness! who even knew that was possible!). Having my own place is doing wonders, and I'm thinking there actually is something to the whole less distractions = greater productivity thing. The whole reason I've been so absent is because there is no internet at my apartment and the only time I get near it is when I visit my parents, and then I'm generally so overwhelmed by everything I've missed (you guys for instance) that I run out of time to actually acknowledge that I've been here, checked up on you lovelies, jumped for joy over your comments, and kicked myself for leaving free (healthy)food and the internet. But I will be back. I will get a laptop. I will end up with internet at the apartment. I will show you the apartment and all that I've been doing there. And I will be back! Gahh! There's so much I wish I could tell you and show you right now but my Dad has already been waiting a long time to take me grocery shopping. So I have to go... so farewell my darlings... I will be back...
love, Clara
PS: 100 followers! thank you thank you thank you! and I've been so terrible and neglectful too. but there will be a give away to celebrate, soon!! ( know you must be getting so tired to reading that, I'm really sorry!)
(oh, photo is by me)