Monday, October 25, 2010

Give Away!

(tags for my shop! more on these to come...)
I've wanted to do this for a long time and now I'm finally going to! So in honor of you, my wonderful one hundred followers and the fact that today is my two year blogivercery I'm having a give away! You have one week to enter, so next Monday I will collect all of the entrees, place them in a box, and draw out one of your names. All you have to do is recommend something to me, it could be a recipe, a song, a book or author, a website, anything.

I can't say exactly what all the package will consist of, but it will contain these lovely wristlets, an old book, perhaps a pattern or two, and what ever else I fancy to drop in there within the next week. I'm so excited! What I would really like to do is give everyone that enters something. So I was thinking I could mail you all postcards that I've drawn! But then I thought people might be uncomfortable with that, with me collecting a whole bunch of addresses, but I'm going to offer it anyway. So, if you would like to get at least a postcard in the mail you can email me at with your address and I'll get it in the mail as soon as possible!

So I really hope you all enter and have fun thinking of things to recommend! I can't wait to read them all (oh and I got the idea from Emily at The Black Apple, she did it for one of her give aways). Oh and spread the word too! The more people that enter the better!

with old ink and lace,


PS: oops! I had posted the wrong email address! if you emailed me please try again!


Olivia said...

How exciting! You have the most charming things, dear Clara (p.s did you get my last letter?), and I would love to be apart of your wonderful give-away. I would like to recommend to you a book called "The Sea-Wolf" by Jack London; it is a wonderful, wonderful story rich of diverse characters (particularly Wolf Larson). It is nautical and adventurous, mysterious, heartbreaking, and incredible. I hope, hope you read it, I love it so much that it has taken over my favourite book "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" (and that says a lot!) Enjoy the recommendation, love; oh, and I shall be back to give you a recipe, I don't feel just a book recommendation will suffice this wonderful contest! I would like to contact my grandmother and ask her how to make these very delicious cookies which she and my great-great aunt invented. Xxx

Lyss said...

Oh my goodness I so want to enter this giveaway! Im sure you've got the best assortment of things to put in a package and I would just adore it!! Count me in!!

Mackensie Perry said...

Hello! i love your blog! :)
i strongly recomend trying this recipe from Oh French!

it's very delicious
(and the blog is lovely too!)

Kate said...

Hello! I've been reading your blog for sometime now. I'm terrible at leaving comments though. I really hope you check out The Girl Who Married a Bear if you haven't already. she is lovely and stylish and smart like you.

I hope you have a great day!

<3 Kate

Melee said...

That sounds so incredibly cool! I can't enter it and all {Mes parents, you know how it is} but can I still recommend something? Hahaha, I'm such an opportunist. XD

I recommend the song "Poison & Wine" by The Civil Wars!
I've kind of had an obsession with it for the past several months. Any chance I get, I mention it. ;)

Emily.. said...

this is very exciting.
sounds wonderful.. :)

well i would like to recommend the song Poison In Your Mind by Powderfinger. it is simply amazing and i cant get enough of it. hope you enjoy too!

take care

sara said...

hmm..i suppose i'm too late? this is sort of a hand-me-down recommendation from miss megan at moonage daydream, but if you haven't heard of the band 'mumford & sons' already, you should definitely check them out! megan recommended the band to me and i've been listening to them non-stop since! and if you have heard of them, then i suggest you go to this blog: because she is a doll! hope you're well dear clara!

Olivia said...

My dear Clara,
I could not obtain the recipe from my grandmother, as she is in Washington D.C. and hasn't the recipe on her; so I called my mother Hen Aunt Cheryl which availed no recipe, either. I'm terribly sorry, I hope just my book recommendation is sufficient! X

frenchtoile said...

I am delighted to be entering your giveaway, your blog is so lovely, I thoroughly enjoy your words and pictures.
I just watched the movie "Life is Beautiful" and its really wonderful, so I am going to recommend that to you, its quite sad, but beautiful as well.
Thanks Clara!