Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Working.  Which involves lots of walks, lots of stops to look at ants, and flowers, and cracks in sidewalks, and to do cartwheels, to adjust our bags, to pick up a stick, to tell a story, to call lock-down, to hold hands, to climb hills and balance on things, and really whatever else presents itself.  Bugs have been collected and bird nests found, books have been read and worksheets filled out.  We've been busy.  Me and the kids.

I love that we can take it slow, and smell flowers and turn cartwheels and walk backwards.  After this weekend, hopefully life can be more like that outside of work as well.  My friend is getting married and all of the preparation that goes into a wedding just blows my mind, it's exhausting.  We've got a bridal shower and the Bachlorette party on Friday, and then Saturday and Sunday full of preparation with the Wedding on Monday night.  So, as beautiful as it all is, I'll be glad when it's over and I can sleep and read a book and work on some of my own projects again.

 Love, Clara