Monday, November 18, 2013

About Time

I have a new favorite movie.  Or close, it's at least tied with all of my favorites.  It's called About Time.  And Oh!  It is just so stinkin' perfect!  I want to see it again.  I really love the movies that are just about life, and where the characters are awkward and endearing and the pain and joy and love and aches are all mixed together.  And that's what this movie has in the very best of ways.

Also?  She wears glasses.  There's cuteness humor, awkward humor, and smart humor, (seriously!  His dad reads from Dickens!).  Great soundtrack.  Her style is perfect.  Lots of England and English-ness.  Family is lovingly laced through the entire thing, you could almost say that that's what it's about actually.  And so much more.  But I'm going to be done now.  :)

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Mab. said...

This movie is also one of my favourite! It is a feeling-good film about life... I'm happy to know an other person who likes it as much as me!