Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I made donuts!

 Why is winter so hard to photograph?  Summer is easy, fall isn't bad, spring... well we don't really have spring here, so I wouldn't know.  But winter.  Gosh.  It has it's beauty, it really does.  But through a lens, my lens that is, it's blurry and grainy and either dark or washed out... so I don't post very often.  Even though I have more time, I just don't take pictures.  Unlike in the summer where I take lots of photos but never manage to post.  Sigh.  And then there's all the i-phone photos people post that could skate circles around my poor little Fuji Film camera.  It's silly.
Oh well, I make donuts.  And even though I don't have great instagram pics to prove it and seem all trendy and cute, I get to eat them.  So there's that.  And even though the light was bad, I wanted to show you.  I used this recipe to break in my new donut pan (though now I'm really ashamed of my photos after re-looking at her's, I'm not a photographer! Please don't judge!) and they were super good.  They really did taste like and have the texture of real donuts!

And I've been knitting, and buying yarn.  I still have so many projects finished that I need to share here, and I promise I will as soon as I get photos taken.  I swear this really is a problem, three hours of light just isn't enough!  It's still a beautiful winter though.  With plenty of evenings spent like this, with knitting on my lap and tea by my side.   It's good, in all of it's dark, pixel-ated, wonder.

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