Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!
Read More. Waste Less.  Love More.  Resent Less.  Write More.  Doubt Less.  Give More.  Laugh More.
Worry Less.  Create More.  Enjoy More.  Compare Less.  Appreciate More.  Hope More.  Live More.
I'm doing it positive and safe.
Hello there, it's been a long little while, a very very busy while.  I hope your Christmases were lovely and full of joy and laughter and love.  And hopefully good food, and company and soft warmth throughout. 
And here's to more good food the rest of the year!  Mostly I'm saying that because I love my new cookbook so much and I needed a lead-in to tell you about it.  It's wonderful!  It's funny!  It's fully of lots and lots of delicious recipes!  I have currently made two recipes, chocolate-chip brioche pretzels and red wine velvet cake and they were really good.

The brioche was my favorite, it was so good it's probably my favorite thing I've ever baked.  And I want to make it again, soon.  Maybe Friday.  I hope to be back soon!  
Love, Clara


Jade said...

Red wine velvet cake sounds divine!
:)Happy New Year.

Clara said...

Happy New Year to you too! :) it was really good! Unfortunately I made it fall, (really stupid mistake, I was worried about them not cooking evenly, so I tried moving them, they didn't fall a ton, but it was enough to make it rather heavy.) but it was still very yummy.