Monday, January 13, 2014

Handmade Christmas Gift Number 1 (plus 4 steps to finishing said gifts on time)

  I always decide about two weeks before Christmas that I want to make everyone presents.  It takes me this long because I'm usually recovering from the same bad planning of the year before when I either don't finish any of them, or I stay up long into the night of Christmas Eve and manage to complete half (maybe).   So I write off making presents, saying I never finish them, and I'm just horrible at planning, and making projects under pressure ruins the fun of creating, etc.  And this year was much the same as years past... EXCEPT (pause for effect) I finished them!  All of them!  And with a day to spare.  I shocked myself, I really did.  I think this success can be attributed to a few different things.

1. I started three weeks before Christmas instead of two. :) See, planning ahead really pays off.

2. I didn't try to make everyone presents.  I stuck with just three people and bought presents for the rest.  Maybe someday I'll work up to crafting for everyone, but I think for now it's best to finish a few than start a bunch and end up giving half finished projects.*
3. I only made things I was excited about making and excited about giving.  It was such a good motivation this year!  It's kind of obvious to give something that you're excited to give, but it helped so much that they were also presents I really enjoyed making.  It just has not worked in the past to say "Oh, I'm going to sew my brother a shirt," when I hate matching plaids and am terrified of button holes.  Which leads into number four...

4.  I did not try out any new techniques!  Stick with what you know.  Stick with what you know.  Stick with what you know!  I got this right this year.  The blouse I sewed for my sister was from a pattern I'd already made before (that didn't need button holes).  This hat that I made for my cousin, and the mittens I knit for my sister both had very clear instructions, and contained nothing that I hadn't tried before.   
And so, hopefully, following these four (supposedly easy) steps, I will hopefully always be met with this much success in the future!  And maybe you will too, if you feel like adopting them, but no pressure.

These photos are of the hat that I made for my cousin.  It was a by-product of knitting like a crazy lady for three days straight while watching Netflix till I thought my head would implode.  (I don't have Netflix at home, but my sister was house sitting, so we, naturally, overdosed on New Girl, Sherlock, and Once Upon a Time)

I would highly recommend the pattern I used, Crenellated Hat, the end result was very professional.  And it's free too!  Here's my project page for it on Ravelry, which doesn't say much, but it links to the yarn I used.

Happy Monday!

Love, Clara

*disclaimer;  there is nothing wrong with giving half finished projects.  I just have this problem where I don't end up finishing them.  Ever.  Which is awful.

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