Thursday, January 29, 2009

connections with sunlight

The days are finally growing longer and from about nine until four I can sit on my bed, doing school and soaking up as much sun as I can. I can hardly wait until spring, when it gets lighter and warmer. I've been trying to get myself to find something to like about winter, but its been rather a failing ambition lately. Mostly I've just been letting myself get lost in books.
I seem to feel strangely disconnected and unattached to people, I only get to see my "close" friends once a week or less, two times absolute tops. It's just so strange, the friends I see the most are the ones from dance, and they seem to be in a completely separate world than the one I am in. Only sometimes am I able to forget how big the gap is between Jr. high and a junior in high school, but I think even if there wasn't the age/grade difference we would be very different. The love of dance is basically all we have in common, I never went to middle school and I have no regrets about that. Some how though, I still manage to feel lonely almost everywhere I go, which in some ways I kind of like, but I can't help wondering if it is bad to feel entirely unconnected with the world.

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Betsey said...

these are lovely photos, and i love what youve written
i feel disconnected at the moment too, its something that comes and goes with me, i think.