Friday, February 20, 2009

inspiring things...

vintage bikes on new roads in front of ancient buildings, berets, red wine, fields, black, bare legs under skirts, sitting on the ground in a park, kissing, sunlight streaming through big windows into a small room, row boats, sketch books and water color sets, chocolate croissant, loose dress, grapes, empty rooms, laughter, no jewelry, people watching, pigeons, poetry that you keep getting distracted from reading, absent minded knitting, fresh flowers, white lace, trees hanging over a pond or river, roof tops, love notes, paint brushes, open air markets, window shopping (especially desserts), treats wrapped in paper, soft cheese, baskets that hold picnics, sudden questions, french music, feelings that come in pictures or music rather than words, vines growing up old buildings, lipstick, paper bag of candy, shopping bags and packages, baskets on bikes, sandals, history that never went away and is still living on.

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Endofmarch said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. It's really nice to hear people's thought on what I write.

Your blog seems lovely as well. There are so many things in your list that inspire me as well like kissing and sketchbooks and white lace and feelings in pictures and music and more!

Have a great day!