Monday, August 17, 2009

The Birthday Tea

This past Saturday was my birthday, and the best of birthdays it was too. I had decided that I would do exactly what I wanted to for it, regardless of what my friends would rather do. I also did not want my friends to be board, thus making me miserable, so I decided not to invite them. Except one special friend from ballet class, and you of course.
So please come in, please do. I'm seventeen now, isn't that strange? I still feel like a imaginative five year old, not a girl starting her last year of high school. Well, what do you think of my playhouse? It does need to be cleaned, oh bother, perhaps next year, after all cleaning should be done in the spring. Is that not right?
I have had such a wonderful birthday and on another day soon I shall tell you all about it, for now though there is only time for tea.
Please sit down. My mother and I have spend the last few days preparing these special treats, I do hope you enjoy them. I made the shortbread and mocha marshmallows, she made the cream puffs and Turkish Delight.
Mmm, here's the elephant, he's my favorite, don't worry, I made two so there's enough for both of us.

I do hope you're enjoying yourself, I know I am. I promise to be back as soon as I can, with the rest of my story book birthday. I love you all,




Blair said...

So lovely! Yes, I just turned eighteen and kind of spent it with myself...sometimes my friends just aren't interested in my silly little things! ;)

Katherine said...

Seventeen and eighteen! You're growing up!
For your birthday, I tagged you with an award! HBD you two <3

Clara said...

Blair: I know, my friends are the same way. this year I decided I'd have more fun if I just did what I wanted on my own. And I think I did too. :)
Katherine: oh thankyou thankyou thankyou!

sara said...

oh that is so beautiful!i'm glad you had a wonderful birthday!beautiful blog:)