Friday, January 29, 2010


I don't remember if I mentioned this before, but I'm taking a self constructed costuming course this semester and the big project is making my own tutu! I get to design it myself and make it custom to fit my body. Tomorrow I'm going to meet with my ballet teacher who's helping me and Kristen do it all. So, of course I've been looking for all sorts of inspiration as for what I want to do and I thought I would share my favorite photos and websites I've found.
The bodice here is velvet and the tutu white with the purple overlay.
If you can't tell here the one is a tiger lily! Isn't it gorgeous? I love how convincing it is, it also makes me wonder what the dance that was done in it is.
I LOVE the lace.
I just like to stare at it.
This is a tutu for Aurora from the ballet Sleeping Beauty, as you can see the bodice is attached to the actual tutu, mine won't be that way, but I think it's really pretty.
The way the embellishment is on this tutu makes it so delicate, also notice how the edges aren't cut even, pretty interesting right?

This one is AMAZING. It gives me shivers and that place in my chest just wants to spill over. The sleeves, the trim at the bottom, the color, the velvet, everything.

Here's a few places you should look at, they are full of inspiration and drool-worthy costumes not only for dance.

This is the place I'm getting the stuff to make my tutu from. It's really late here, so I'm going to wrap this up, I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I hope you don't mind if the next few posts are on costumes, I've been spending lots of time on them due to my school and I'd love to share what I find with you all, so please tell me what you thing.

Much love, Clara


Sarah In Wonderland said...

I adore these pictures Clara, dance must be ever so beautiful when you truly understand the swirling motion of it all. <3

Roselie said...

These are all amazing....and some are BEYOND amazing...oh please do post more about costumes!!and have fun with your classes!!

KeKe said...

Those costumes are gorgeous!! Having been a dancer once, when I was younger, I still love lookng at tutu's...I do hope you'll share a picture of your completed tutu~

Ellie Grace said...

Oh how glorious! They are absolutely lovely and I cannot wait until you finish yours... You absolutely MUST post pictures of it along the way.
This post brings me back to my dancing days and it makes me heart so nostalgic... =]

Ellie Grace

Melee said...

Gorgeous pictures! Makes me wish I had a tutu to wear, though I know I'd look absolutely ridiculous in it, hehe.
It is incredibly awesome you are designing one! :)

Clara said...

So I am going to start replying to your comments here, because right now that's all I have time for. It's not as personal as I would like it, but it's the most I can manage with the way things are right now, so please bear with me.

Sarah: I'm so glad you like them, I'm not sure if dance is more beautiful when I understand it, but I deffinetly have a greater apprciation for the dancers. <3

Roselie: okay! I'll do more posts with costumes. :) actually I'm thinking about starting a seperate blog just with things relating to costumes, but I'm not sure if I have time for it.

KeKe: Oh, I will most deffinetly show you the completed tutu! infact I'll probably show you most of the process!

Ellie Grace: Thats so neat that you used to dance. :)

Melee: oh my dear you would not lool ridiculas in a tutu! tutus make every one look beautiful, I'm aboslutely convinced

Anonymous said...

I love number four. And all of them. There is something so gracefull and expressive with tutus. And I love ballet shoes - I've never danced myself but I bought these just to take pictures of them ;)

Erica Pru said...

Clara that's incredible of you to make your own! I've always always wanted to, but never had the time... I wonder what my teacher would say if I showed up for rehearsal in one I made myself! haha

will you perform in it once you're done?

Clara said...

skuggevals: yes that blue one is so beautiful. and I would probably do the same thing if I didn't dance. and Oh my goodness dear your photography is amazing! simply beautiful.

Erica: I hope I will perfrom in it when I'm done, I don't have specific dance or character in mind, but Kristen and I are planing to make up a little dance to do together when they're finished.

Faux Naif said...

oh lucky you, making your own tutu! these pictures are so beautiful - you're lucky you're doing ballet. i wish i had when i was younger *sigh*

magnoliaamber said...

I know you like ballet so much:)

I did not do that when I was a kid. I attended the class one and felt really uncomfortable of being so bare in from of people that I don't know. Then I quit.

Oh well, now I could watch you dance....

sara said...

oh thank you dear clara! ♥ you are so lucky to get to make tutus, and then know how to dance in them! i'm terribly sorry i haven't been commenting lately, i've been very busy with school :/ i hope everything is lovely in alaska!

Clara said...

Faux Naif: well my dear, I don't know how old you are but I'm sure your not to old to start dancing! It might not become your profession but it can always be a hobby!

magnoliaamber: I can see how you'd feel that way, I vaugely remember it being that way at the begining, but I've gotten so that I hardly notice at all. good or bad? :) can't tell.

Sara: don't worry about it all my dear! I understand perfectly. school has got me very bogged down as well, as you can see my little blog has been suffering a bit too. but I happily a wait your return!

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

everything. so gorgeous. x