Thursday, June 17, 2010


I'm back! The sea was wonderful, such a fun and beautiful trip which you'll see lots of soon. But first I must show you my jam. You all must know how unavoidably proud of myself I am that I actually have done a few things on my summer list. You see, I think this is the first time that's ever happened!
So. my jam. We'll start out with blueberry. The blueberries used here are from last year's supply. We got so many that after eating and baking with them for six people and making a nice batch of jam we still have one and a half big containers in our freezer almost a year later. Oh gosh, I totally forgot where I was going with that. Anyway, I made blueberry jam and it turned out great(I really love these plain little pint-size mason jars, aren't they adorable?). It was my first time ever making jam all by myself, I'm just so glad it worked!
This one is my favorite. Rose petal jam, it's a really interesting recipe and I love how it turned out. I was a bit worried while making it because it didn't call for any pectin,(if you don't already know, that's what makes the jam jell) but it worked out fine, it never jelled as strongly as the blueberry jam did, but it's a perfect texture for rose petals, I think.
I'm wondering if anyone would like me to post the recipe or even to a tutorial, I might do it anyway, just to give it a try. But I'd love to hear if your interested or not. I hope you're all having a delightful summer, getting things done and just enjoying the wonders of nature. I'll be back soon with clamming delights and woes, and the beauty of Alaska!
with jasmine tea and irises,
PS: I'm back to justly responding to comments now! Thank you so much for your patience with me being in and out for so long. I truly appreciate it.


tywo said...

Oh wow!
Good job, Clara!
Now, I want some jam. :)


A Rose Colored Glass said...

i love should post the recipe im interested=)!!!!i love your blog

francesca said...

mm that blueberry jam looks so good! I found a recipe in an old book for Rose Pudding which i might try after seeing that Rose Petal Jam works out ok :) xx

pumkyn said...

I'm interested in a tutorial!
But, isn't it really difficult to make jam because you have to make sure everything is completely sterile?

Congrats on your summer list start!!!

Erica Pru said...

I'm glad you're back dear! That jam looks delicious, we make strawberry each year but I've never tried rose petal... If you'd post the recipe I'd be much inclined to give it a shot :)

char said...

oh my, i love this!! making jams is just the most delightful, sweet, summery occupation. :) xx

Roselie said...

They look delicious! I want to go make jam now too!! And I would loove it if you would post the recipe!!

Ooh how I wish I was in Alaska right now, here in Greece its boiling hot...

Melee said...

Oh yes, I am beginning to think we are very much alike! We must both be "of the race that knows Joseph". {I don't know if you'll get that reference or not, but it's from one of the "Anne" books. I can't remember which! :)}

That jam looks great!! I am greatly intrigued by the rose petal jam!
I would love a tutorial or recipe or something! For curiousity's sake and all. Maybe I'll get adventurous and make some someday. :)

Clara said...

Dear Roselie, I can't get to your profile, so I'm going to leave you a message here. :) you should make jam! it's so much fun, and I was amazed by how easy it was. I'm going to post the tutorial soon, I need to make another batch and take pictures, but I'm planning to do that as soon as possible.
and oh my I wish we could trade places, I love Alaska, and the weather is nice, but to go to Greece! oh that would be so wonderful right now. :) but I promise to enjoy Alaska for you if you enjoy Greece for me. :)
love, Clara

Kathryn said...

ooh jam! and i would love to have the recipe and give it try. This is perfect for tea outside.

Your blog is lovely, i can't believe i haven't discovered it sooner!

marcpapain said...

Please - definately post the recipe for the blueberry jam! I'm on university break right now in Australia and need projects!

I really feel like some homemade bread and jam now :)


sara said...

Oh i don't know how i missed this post clara, but yes, please do post a tutorial! i've been wondering about making jam for some time now! i just have to wait for the blueberries to pop up! :) and rose petal jam sounds divine ♥


Bee said...

what is the rose petal jam recipe? <3