Thursday, February 21, 2013

Reading... C. S. Lewis.  Just finished Surprised by Joy and it was so good, absolutely delightful.  And I'm currently in Out of the Silent Planet, which is quite different but wonderful as well.  (of course, I mean it's C. S. Lewis!)

I've been planning some sewing projects, drinking lots of earl grey, just watched BBC's Wives and Daughters, and managed some long neglected mending.  The sun is setting later and rising early, in fact it's light out now when I drive to work.  I'll be back at the greenhouse in three weeks and I can hardly wait.

Time has sped by so quickly, it's been over six months now since getting back from camp and my birthday, and while so much has happened and changed it also feels like there's no way we could already be most of the way through February.  It's strange.  And full.  And empty.  And slow.  And much too fast.

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