Monday, April 21, 2014


Slush, puddles, clear roads, windows down, drip drip drips, sunsets after nine, smell of spruce sharp in the air, green springing up around building edges, gravel lining street edges, first bugs found, and the geese, the geese are back in Creamer's Field.

This is kind of an overload of photos, I realize, but goodness the light was so perfect last Friday night, and the geese were so close.  That's a young swan in the photo directly above, there were more of them, but much further away.  Spring is here, there are hard buds on some of the trees and the weather is warm and bright.  I have only two more weeks at my morning job, and then it's graduations and early outs and parties and picnics and parks.  It all feels rather unreal that it's almost summer again, time flies by so fast.


Anna @ October Rebel said...

These photos are so beautiful and serene. We love watching the Canadian Geese when we go hiking at a nearby lake. They always seems so calm and friendly.

Clara said...

Anna, thank you! I love watching the geese too, It really does bring such a sense of peace.