Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Days, Days, just thought I'd show you some random photos that show what's made up my summer so far. Mostly, when I'm not working on school (I'm, ahem, rather behind so I'm going to be doing school all summer), I've been taking pictures and picking flowers.
I've also been doing a little bit of watercolor/art journaling. I just love working on crafts and such outside.
At my cousin's on memorial day weekend, I got board and was messing around. I do love how dark the trees look there, I like to imagine it's the Black Forest.
One thing our yard never fails to produce is rhubarb! This is not actually jam, it's a sauce my mom's been making a lot which isn't as sweet as typical jam. We go through it fast so it keeps fine just in the fridge. I could probably post the recipe if any one's interested.

Just some pretty pictures I took with the roses my parents gave me after the show.

I hope you all are having wonderful summers (or whatever your having now) and beautiful day dreams. I appreciate you all!

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