Monday, June 8, 2009

flower pressing

A few days ago I was outside enjoying the sunshine and I realized it was a perfect day for pressing flowers... so I went into my room and searched for my flower press (which I never did find) and my basket (which I did find), for as you know, both are necessary for pressing flowers.
Once my basket was found, I quickly ran back outside and collected flowers of all kinds, many of which I don't know there names (I must work on that!).
I do know lilies of the valley, aren't they amazing? And they smell like heaven.

The collection grew and grew...

and grew and grew.

Until I was sure I had enough, since my flower press evaded me, I decided to use my old journals instead, and I think they worked very well indeed!

So I layed out the flowers...

and closed each book...

and now I wait until they're done.
I hope you've all had a wonderful summer so far!


jen said...

lily of the valley is one of my favorites flowers although i've only "met" it once in person! :) i don't think it grows in l.a., unfortunately.

Clara said...

that's to bad, I didn't even know it grew here until a year ago when we were discovering what perenials were in the flower beds at our new house. It's sertainally a wonderful flower.