Monday, April 19, 2010

a fairytale summer

cottages, mountains, rabbits, chipped tea cups, red ribbons,
pocket watches, glass beads, a field of flowers, butterflies, reflections,
unicorns, old books, trees, castles, rocking chairs, the stars and moon,
warm rain, mist, shadows, music, night gowns, old maps,
night, stories, folklore, bells, bare feet, a prism, treasures, dust,
long hair, white horses, moths, forgotten things, tree homes, mushrooms,
outdoors, flower petals, feathers, the woods, clouds, a wooden flute,
legends and myth, moccasins, a woodland stream, wind, smiles,
the land of counterpane, keys, gloomy tales, feather beds, and night time wakings


Little Bear Stories said...

beautiful words and pictures, make me so excited for summer x

Daydreamer said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful. if i could step inside this post i would - you, my dear, have captured the beauty of summer perfectly!!♥ xx

Anonymous said...

So lovely.


Clara said...

oh, thank you my dears <3 I cannot wait for summer as well, but I know we'll make it :) love to you all!

Melee said...

If I thought my summer would be even a fraction like this post I would anticipate it all year long! :)
(Sadly, my summers just seem to be... hot! And filled with prose. Such is life!)

Clara said...

oh Melee your comments always make me smile! I'm sorry your summers are so hot, someday you'll have to come up and visit me here to enjoy and nice Alaskan summer! :)

Katherine said...

I was fiddling about on the internet, and I decided to make a list of places I really want to go in the UK. It's on my Listography, here;
And I was wondering if you wanted to add any onto it :)
This post is wonderful, by the way. Summer!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I love your blog. xo

Clara said...

Thank you dears! I'm so glad you do Andie, that makes me evey so happy :) and KATHERINE! hehe, thank you so much for showing me listography! I love it so much, and oh, I got your letter! it just made my day, love, love, Clara

Faux Naif said...

if this is what your summer is going to be, i'm jealous.

enjoy it! i hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

beautiful thoughts.
I love your blog,
I was wondering if you could help me,
I love how it says "snowflakes" instead of comments.
How do I change mine?

Sincerely, Raia

Clara said...

Faux Naif: well, I don't know for sure if this is how summer will be, but I'm certainally hoping. :) and thank you my dear, I am doing quite well. :)

Frenchtoile: I left a comment on your blog. and thank you very much <3

Anonymous said...

You should blog more! Yours is my favourite.

Mercy said...

You have an enchanting blog!!! It makes you dream! I found you through my friend Char at lonely cities. Feel free to drop by my humble blog at I'd love to see you there:)
P.S. I'd love to follow you:)

Clara said...

wow thank you so much! I really am planning to blog more, school has been really overwhelming but since it's amost over I'll be back very soon, I promise! and thank you so much Mercy for following, I'll visit your blog very soon. :) no doubt it's lovely.

Hazel said...

This is such a beautiful set of words, so lovely and magical. :)