Monday, May 17, 2010


School is over and this is my first week free. It's so amazing I hardly know what to do with myself! I've got some ideas for posts that you should see soon, along with the much talked about tree that I need to get on making a hopeful tutorial. (we'll see how that turns out, it'll be my first and I'm rather nervous about it) For now you get to see my Tiny Twists Camisole.
This was my second and a half time to knit it, over a year ago I had almost finished it when I realized it was much too big, so I had to tear it all out. I didn't have the heart to restart it until a few months ago. But I'm so glad I did, it turned out ever so nice, and I just love it. I've already worn it somewhere too!
This summer is going to be wonderful, every thing's been so high stress lately that now that it's all finished I can't really comprehend it. I keep thinking that I should be doing something else, but I don't! Oh, it's amazing. Finally all the ideas that have been caged up inside my head and in lists can be set free.
Thank you all for your encouragement and suport, I highly doubt I could have made it without you all.
with new leaves and clear skies,


Anonymous said...

I love the color of your camisole.
The semester ended 3 hours ago, and I'm already lost in thoughts. I don't know what to do with myself either.


Faux Naif said...

i can't believe you made that camisole - it is absolutely beautiful! i hope you enjoy your summer!

Katherine said...

It's lovely! Oh, I'm so happy for you, you must be so proud :D

Tabitha Bird said...

Beautiful knitting there girl. And I am glad you have the time to follow all those ideas :)

Mercy said...

Congratulations!! On the camisole and finishing school! I love that feeling of thinking you need to do something then realising you have all the time in the world:) xo

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel, soomuch freedom!!
Lovely knitting :)


Melee said...

Oh, so lucky!! I am hoping for my school to end soon... {I'm homeschooled and not exactly a very scheduled one so it's always a mystery when school will cease!}

I am very impressed by that Camisole!! It looks fantastic!

Clara said...

tywo: oh thank you! I really love the color of it too, most deffinetly one of my favorites. horraay for being finished with school!

Faux Naif: thank you very much! I hope you enjoy your summer as well!

Katherine: Thank you darling! yes, I must admit, I am a little proud, I do love it so.

Tabitha Bird: oh I most certainally will! (and thank you very much)

Mercy: oh it know! isn't it just wonderful? oh, the most relieving thing ever! no stress!

frenchtoile: yes it's fantasitic! and thank you. :)

Melee: I understand you perfectly, being homeschooled myself. Infact this is the first free summer I've had in four years!! I'm so glad I'm done. and thank you! I'm so glad you like it! :) <3

Katherine said...

Oh, that's too sweet :) I would love for you to be my sister. I received your letter, but my reply was sent back to me 2-3 days after I sent it because the address had fallen off. So you should be getting it sometime soon!