Friday, May 28, 2010

summer list

Things I plan to do this summer:
Fix up my bike and find fenders and a basket for it. Then bike everywhere.

Make lots of small, whimsical, crafts when ever the mood hits.

Sew at least one new clothing item at least once a week.
Learn how to make perfume, from roses, violets, bluebells, and lilies of the valley.
Collect wild plants and learn their uses.
Go places and do things by myself.
Daydream and make up stories.
Write. Poetry, stories, and journaling.
Make all my breakfasts and meals as beautiful as possible. Treat each one like it's an event.
Make jam and jelly of rose hips, raspberries, blueberries, and rhubarb.
Have adventures and spend lots of time in the woods.
Read, classics and fantasy and information and cook books.
Go on lots of picnics, even if they aren't this elaborate.
What's on your summer list?
(all photos can be found here)


grace mouse said...

oh this is really a beautifu list! it sounds magical, i know you'll have an amazing time with it!
heh. i don't have a summer list yet; where i am it's the end of autumn♥
i adore your blog, it's so magical♥

Mercy said...

This sounds so delightful!!! You will have a magical summer if you do all those things, my lovely:)

Faux Naif said...

mmm that sounds ideal. just perfect.

Katherine said...

This is so beautiful that it gives me a strange feeling in my stomach. I feel so lucky that I will get to read about all of it in your letters!

Melee said...

Oh my word, that all sounds indescribably delicious! Keep us all posted on your doings, please! :)
So far, my plans are mainly just to write, perfect some piano pieces, and maybe... just maybe learn how to play the guitar.

{And, going back to your comment on your last post: I had no idea you were homeschooled too! That is so cool!!}

Have a great weekend, dear! :)

char said...

OH MY GOODNESS, i read the last comment, and realised... you're homeschooled?? me too! haha, that's so cool!
this is such a beautiful, dream-filled post, my dear.
i have a long, long list for summer (except it's months away for me) so far it includes reading, swimming, picnics, cricket, and lemonade... lots and lots of lemonade ♥

Kasey said...

What a magical list.

sara said...

thank you for your lovely comment dear ♥ i am sorry for not commenting for awhile, but i have been reading and it seems you are well and enjoying your spring. everything you have listed here is perfect and dreamy and everything i want to do as well.
hearts ♥

cecily said...

such a beautiful list! i am inspired to do all this with my summer, after i dabble my toes in the rivers and pools of the forests. i recently discovered your lovely, lovely words and writings, you have inspired my own - please look?


magnoliaamber said...

I envy your list so much!

I bury myself within lists of endless vocabularies and proficiency tests from many foreign languages...

have a lovely one!!!

lakhsmita indira said...

i love lily of the valley

Clara said...

grace mouse: Thank you, I hope you have a wonderful winter then! :D and thank you for following too. <3

Mercy and Faux Naif: thank you my dears! I hope you have magical summers too!

Katherine: Oh, I'm so glad to hear that! :) and I've already written you a little note about something magical I'll send with my next letter. I'm so excited about it!

Melee: Oh, I'll try to! keeping up with everything and finding the time is hard, but I will make it a priority. your plans sound wonderful, I wish I was a musically gifted as you are. And yes, when I found out you're a homeschooler too I got so excited! yay for us!

char: REALLY!!?? NO WAY! that's so amazing, wow, we have a little comunity of 3 dreamy homeschooled girls here now, what fun! Your list sounds wonderful, I forgot about swimming, I love that part of summer so much. Along with the Lemonade, :) have you ever tried blueberry lemonade? you just blend up some blueberrys and poor them it. it's really really yummy.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous :)
I agree with all those things immensly.
I plan on building a treehouse, and creating a perfect craft/dreaming space in the loft of my barn!

Clara said...

Kasey: thank you :)

Sara: I'll reply on your blog my dear! but I'm mostly just glad your okay. <3

Cecily: wow, Thank you, I'm so glad I could bring inspiration to you. And oh yes, the forest! I am quite shocked that I left that out since its been on my mind so much lately. I hope you have a lovely, lovely summer. :)

magnoliaamber: oh! well I hope you are able to find a bit of time for the magic my dear!

lakhsmita indira: oh me too...

Clara said...

frenchtoile: A treehouse! oh how fun! and your speical space in your barn sounds wonderful, someday I hope to have a barn I can do that with as well, it would be so much fun. :D

sara said...

oh i know you didn't mean it that way dear :) i just felt truly guilty about not commenting on your lovely posts! thank you so much for the comment and i would love to be pen-pals! should i give you my email?

Anonymous said...

what an ambitious and wonderful summer plan~

how are you making out on it?