Thursday, July 1, 2010

bright star

I watched this movie for the first time Sunday night and I must say I'm in love. It's the only movie where I've cried because something was just so beautiful, the story hadn't even gotten sad yet and I was already tearing up. The words that have been in my head ever since I watched it is just that it was poetry. Perfect poetry.

It's been cool and cloudy all week, which for me has been wonderful, I've been inspired to hand sew most things of late, which has been wonderful! It's calming and I love it so much more than machine sewing. Days have been filled with day dreams, tea, quotes, Road to Avonlea TV series, and letters. I hope you're all doing well and enjoy your summer or winter, which ever you're having.

with tea and small stitches,


PS: Happy Canada Day to all my lovely Canadian friends!


Ellie Grace said...

Someone had a post about Bright Star on their blog a while back and I finally got around to watching it about a month ago; I fell in love as well! Not only is the cinematography absolutely stunning, but it is such a beautifully tragic tale. I loved it so very much. :)

Ellie Grace

sara said...

Oh it is one of my absolute favourites! everything about it so beautiful and tragic. it makes me want to go catch butterflies!

Melee said...

That's the movie about Keats, right? I read about it when it came out and thought it sounded good!
It looks absolutely lovely. I'll have to try to watch it soon! :)

Faux Naif said...

i haven't seen this movie yet, but i feel as though i must.

thank you for the canada day wishes! happy fourth of july!

marcpapain said...

What have you been sewing? :)


tywo said...

So beautiful.
There is an award for you on my blog.


pumkyn said...

happy belated Canada Day!

I'll need to find and rent this movie.

Sabriel said...

i loved, loved, LOVED this movie. it was so wonderful and happy and sad and beautiful. as are you. i love you jam recipe. and you. you are just wonderful.

Sara Nia said...

This movie was visually stunning and amazing. So much beauty and romance, but oh so very very sad. It almost couldn't take the end - I knew it was coming, but it made me think of my own love, and it was just too heartbreaking to bare.