Wednesday, September 8, 2010

swan lake

I want to see it live so badly. I've heard it's too long but I don't see how it could be, it's dancing, it's love, it's beauty, it's tragedy. There's no way it can be anything but perfect.

is there anything you've been desperate to see or feel lately?


sara said...

oh that would be so lovely to see! my favourite is going to see the nutcracker ballet at christmas! also, i've just sent your letter love! i'm terribly sorry it's taken me so long, i am such a procrastinator!!


Melee said...

I have always wanted to see Swan Lake as well! Ever since I was very young and would dance along to the CD in my bedroom. :)

I have really been wanting to see the film "A Star is Born" with Judy Garland. Usually, I would get it and watch it with my sister but it's rather a tragic film and she doesn't enjoy those. So, I think I'll have to go ahead and watch it alone which I rarely do. But, I am okay with that. :)

Ellie Grace said...

I have seen Swan Lake and it was absolutely worth every second! Not to mention I saw it when Patricia Barker was playing the lead... :)
It was incredible. Really. If you are ever planning a trip to Seattle, I would HIGHLY recommend coming in the fall to see at least any ballet, if not Swan Lake.
Lately I have just been desperate to see ANY ballet live... I haven't been in over two years and my heart is finally feeling the depravity.


Erica Pru said...

It's not too long, its wonderful. Every time you see it it gets even more so. Julie Kent makes the most incredible Odette I could imagine. If you're ever in New York you absolutely must go. But what I've been longing for is A Midsummer Night's Dream. The pas de deux in the 2nd act is worth your heart exploding

Megan said...

I wish so so badly that I could do ballet. It is visual poetry, warmness for the soul.
I wish I could dance and twirl and pirouette but it is too late for me. I hope you get to see Swan Lake one day Clara, it looks like pure magic. xx

Sara Nia said...

I miss dance class so much. I haven't danced in over a year - it makes my belly ache with longing to think about it.

I saw Swan Lake, a long time ago. It was utterly magical.