Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer has been freedom. Late nights, spontaneous hikes and camping, planning, collecting, observing, day dreaming, praying, cooking, brainstorming, deciding, thrifting, swimming in lakes and a hot spring, boat rides and tubing, and making things. Also lots and lots of journaling (I hate how most of the words I use when writing about journals aren't technically words!), I've never journaled this much before in the summer. It's been wonderful though, full of good things. I'm allowing my summer list to carry over into fall, so that way I can still accomplish a few of the many things that never happened. Thank you so so much for all of the birthday wishes! You all are to wonderful for words. Life is still hectic, but I'm going to make myself post at least once a week regardless, so I won't disappear!
So until I'm back (which is hopefully sooner than a week),


Hazel said...

This post made me happy. :) Makes me look forward to what next summer can be. I'm already so ready for it to come. I love the free time. xD

Melee said...

Like I always say, if you can't find a word that fits - make one up!
(Actually, I've never said that before, hehe. So, it's like I always say, if you can't find a quote that fits - make one up!)
{I've never said that before either... ;)}

Anyhow, I have been journaling a lot this summer too! More than ever before, I think. It's been really great! I find writing in my journal to be extremely therapeutic. :)

Megan said...

This is such a lovely post, your summer sounds so beautiful.
I have been writing a lot too - not so much journaling but writting down little paragraphs and words and stories on any scrap of paper I can find.
A very happy belated brithday to you lovely Clara. I hope your week is wonderful xx

sara said...

clara dear, it sounds as if you've had the loveliest of summers! and happy belated birthday dear! you are a sweetheart ♥


Mercy said...

It's coming into spring/summer here and I'm so looking forward to it! Your summer sounds delightful and you've inspired me to write in my journal more:) Your words are like honey to my soul xo