Monday, August 16, 2010

hot spell

Summer should be coming to a close here, but the weather seems to be having other ideas these past few days. I step out of the doors from work and feel like I'm hitting a wall of heat.
I apologize again for being so absent, but most of all for not responding to your comments. However, I must tell you that the rest of this month will probably stay the same way. It's crazy beyond crazy right, what with turning 18, work, the fair, getting my shop going, three other birthdays, an anniversary, and quite possibly getting an apartment with one of my friends.
I hope things will become steady eventually though, I'll keep posting, but everything else might end up going out the window. We'll see.
Thank you all so much for being so wonderful and sweet, you all mean so much to me even though I'm so bad at showing it. I hope you're all enjoying your summers (or winter I suppose) to their fullest!

with love from my dizzy little world,


PS: all images from here


ch▲r said...

winter is just starting to draw to a close here, and these pictures made me long for the dizzying heat and warm scents of summer! beautiful...
and don't worry about not commenting back all the time. i'm quite shameful myself when it comes to that, and i'm sure i'm not half as busy as you! i hope things start to slow down soon, meanwhile, i'll continue to treaure your posts :)


The Dutchess said...

Love your blog...and its a good thing being busy like you are...Hugs from all of us..T.D and Company

Megan said...

Over in England it already feels like Autumn. I can't wait.
I hope all things go well for you, and things even out soon. I know how dizzy life can become sometimes.

Erica Pru said...

Happy 18th!! and your own apartment- how wonderful... Don't you just feel so grown-up like you imagined as a little girl?

MAUD said...

wow, it sounds like you have an amazing time set out for you!

enjoy the last of summer. you are delightful, as always.

Alice Rose Fray said...

I realy love your blog. I love the pictures, the stories, everything. don't stop posting (Even if it's one in the month).

Melee said...

Summer does not seem to be ending here, though I wish it were. Fall is my favourite!
Happy (Early? Belated?) Birthday, dear Clara!! :)
Hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer, busy though it may be. :)

sara said...

It is strangely warm here as well! It sounds as if you are very busy indeed! And how exciting-moving out with your friend! I hope you truly enjoy the rest of your summer dear.
I will be sending a letter for you soon xx


Anonymous said...

oh those photos are so beautiful!