Friday, August 6, 2010


Things have been so busy here, I apologize for my absence. It's been much too long I know. I've been frantically working on the goods for my shop along with the fact that I finally got a job (Yay!). So the only time I usually get a chance to use the computer is at night when I rarely have the energy to blog. But I'm working on a solution to that. However, I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the pieces of magic I've collected over the summer. This butterfly I found blowing down the sidewalk outside the library.

I save the small, soft, feathers I find in our yard.
My dad found this little egg shell outside and brought it in for me.
Rocks from Clam Gulch and Homer.
My sister found me this bird's nest, it had fallen out of the tree during a storm.
It's not much, but I do find comfort and inspiration in surrounding myself with little these little pieces of wonder. Feeling like Julian from Elizabeth Enright's Gone Away Lake, one of the best children's books to read in the summer I think, and the sequel is just as good. They're full of that wonderful summery nostalgic feel, where you just want to sit on a porch drink ice cold lemonade and watch the fire flies.
I hope you're all enjoying the summer (or winter, which ever you're in) I can hardly believe it's already August! July just went by so fast. And thank you all for you're votes on the skirt, it's tied right now, so if you haven't voted please do, I'm going to close it on Saturday, so hurry!
I won't make any false promises about posting. I will try to post again soon, but you never know how things will go, especially when they just seem to get busier and busier. So we'll just have to see how things go.
with feathers and butterfly dust,


Little Bear Stories said...

that birds nest is beautiful and perfect, you're very lucky to have such treasure xx

Katherine said...

Oh, this post makes me happy! I'm so glad that you found a job & that you are coming closer to opening your shop. And your collections are wonderful! I haven't collected all that much this summer, only a plover feather, a curious golden-yellow feather (too long for a goldfinch) & some sand & seawater from Cavendish beach. I have to tell you, I'm terribly jealous of your birds' nest!
Do send your next letter as quickly as you can♥

Olivia said...

Oh, dear, this post is wonderful! You have so many treasures, love (and a particularly excellent book collection as well)! Lots and lots of love darling. xxx

Melee said...

What beautiful bits of nature! Isn't God's creation wonderful?

Hmm, methinks I need to re-read Gone Away Lake and its sequel. It has been too long. :)

Marc said...

Such lovely things. Makes me want to go hiking! I think next weekend will be the time.

What job did you get?

Also - did you change your comment settings? I can only comment from this old google account of mine now :(

Lilly of the Valley said...

Such lovely little finds! I've just been going through your blog and I love it! very quaint and dreamy. x

frenchtoile said...

:) this post made me smile. I love finding little treasures in nature.


Karolina said...

I love all that you have in your soul. I also admire the fragility of this world.. I love the skirt on the previous post, I started sewing clothes too!


Megan said...

This is very lovely , you seem to have found some wonderful treasures. That birds nest is wonderful!
I often collect little things like that.
Good luck for your shop! xx