Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I've been loving the simple things lately, as I think a lot of you have noticed. I'm not talking about the simplistic, modern sort of living, but rather the back to basics, do it yourself kind of simple.

Which fits well with my previous post too, just this time it's about everything. Accent the small things, find joy in the mess, and never miss an opportunity to bring out beauty. I'd really like those things to be a daily practise for me, because it's such a healthy view. Continually I find myself stressing about not having time for what ever it is that needs to be done or I'm feeling pressured to do, it's a constant battle to keep from panicking sometimes. But really, I have nothing to worry about.
Of course there are the deadlines and obligations, but those things can't keep me from a good time, even while in the middle of them I can still choose to focus on something I like. Inspiration can come from anywhere, it doesn't have to be the internet or books or even nature(though nature is one of the best...). So if inspiration can come from anywhere, I guess that means we should always be looking for it, right? Another assumption I've come to (but haven't been good about trying yet)is that if you can make the small things habit, then you're set. I'm really hoping that this is true, because I certainly don't ever want to turn this kind of life style into something stressful. Effortless in living, yet deliberate in attitude and thought.

I'm going to share a couple of links, which I hope you'll enjoy. This blog and this blog are two that are perfect for dreaming of, honestly, hand sewing for a living and raising chickens on a homestead. Can it get much better than that? Also, I'm hoping to try making my own lotion with this tutorial some time soon. Hope it will work out.

With a love of spring and excitement for summer,



Romantic Heroine said...

This post could describe my current point of view. When I'm clicking through all the beautiful pics on the world wide web I'd like to at those places. Thank you for this lovely post (feels like we have much alike) and sharing the links. Like them!

Melee said...

Ahhhh, how lovely. I would love to live more simply in that way. Except, my life is pretty simple compared to basically everyone else's (when it comes to deadlines and obligations)... but hey, I'm not complaining. And there's always room for improvement. :)

Princess Perhin said...

This post is just like my dream way of living. And, your post has let me know that I can do it,too! ^_^ And I love the pictures you've posted with your beautiful words. :)


b. said...

i desperately yearn for a simplistic lifestyle, too. your blog is like a breath of fresh air. x

Little Bear Stories said...

this is an inspiring post, it makes me think to stop and breathe a little too. i love the blogs you mentioned, particularly the 1st one x

Angie said...

Love your photography!