Saturday, July 16, 2011

oh dear

I just want clear a little something up. The photos I've been posting lately are NOT mine (aside from the altered journal), I have never meant for anyone to think they were mine, but I guess that's been confusing. I've certainly gotten lazy, not even mentioning where I got the photos, much less linking to them, and I apologize for that. for the most part (about 98% of the time) I use the photos I find on weheartit. There is a link to my heart on the side. Someday I hope to post only my own photos, like I have today, but for now I can't quite manage it. I hope you all understand, if you're confused by anything I have said please let me know.

My summer has been going well, I'm working at a greenhouse now which means I'm out in the sunshine and rain! I must say it's my favorite job I've ever had and I'm learning so much. It's been a very interesting summer so far, I've been writing mostly, but managing to fit some knitting and sewing in as well, which reminds me, I should take pictures to show you (I finally found my camera). This is a rather pathetic update I know... but I hope you are all enjoying your summers and aren't too mad at me for failing to say where I found the photos.

With love,


(all photos in this post are mine)


Melee said...

I for one wasn't confused. (Which may be a first! :P)

But I am terribly mad at you for not giving sources. Shame on you! *shakes finger and look menacing*

...Not really. I just like to practice my angry faces. ;) Don't fret about overly much - it's really not that big of a deal, especially since you've amended it. :)

That job sounds mahvelous! I'm glad to read any update from you no matter how small. <3

Sara said...

Miss Clara, I am so sorry for not keeping in touch more! I am terrible. I really hope you are well. You sound happy, and what a wonderful job! I hope the rest of your summer is radiant:)