Friday, August 12, 2011


veronica, waterperry

foxglove, camelot mix

Just some photos from work, being forced to be outside, rain or shine, has in a small way saved me this summer. Most people here have talked about it being such a rainy summer, but I can't say that it's been that way for me, it's rained a fair amount, but there have been so many sunny days too. And I will never complain about driving into the misty hills in the morning, few things are so inspiring as the mist. I hope you all have and still are, enjoying your summers.

Much love,


(photos were taken by me)


Melee said...

I adore mist too! I was reading a volume of Denise Levertov's poetry the other day and mist was a key element in many of her poems. It made me wish I could see a good fog more often.

Those pictures are so lovely! I wish I spent more time communing with plants...

Junaluska said...

What a beautiful garden! It looks like something Mary, Andrew, and Colin would stumble upon.