Monday, August 22, 2011

concerning compainions

I've been feeling a little lonely of late... dreaming of waifs and their wild friends. Thinking how much I would like a pet, of almost any sort. So, I made a list.

I'll tell you a few of my wishes here though. A wolf for one, protector, friend, loyal and trusting.

A lamb might be nice, but I think I'd prefer a little rabbit (softest, you see) or a goose (I'd let her keep her eggs).

I've always wanted an elephant, trunk caresses sounds strangely wonderful, I think. And then an owl too, for lonely nights and those times when I need a bit of confusing wisdom.
(all photos can be found in my weheartit)

I had a wonderful weekend, full of healing and worship at church. It's so exciting to see all that God's doing.

Blessings and love to you all,



Melee said...

I love your list, Clara! The picture with the mini-elephant is my favourite. :)
I've been feeling really lonely lately too, and also missing my pets that have gone. We're babysitting a friend's guinea pig at the moment and holding her makes me miss our two guinea pigs and basically every other pet we've had (all rodents!). But I'm not sure I'm ready for another pet, especially after what our last pet (one of the guinea pigs) went through before we put him to sleep. (Which seems a bit ridiculous when written...)
I'm rambling, sorry. Pets are a subject I've always been a leetle too eloquent on. ;)

Grace said...

Oh this is truly adorable! I would love an elephant or a wolf. Though I already have a dog who can be somewhat wolfish.

ajk said...

i love your list. a white mouse would be nice. I ought to make my own list... on it would be a garden hedgehog and a baby bear and a cat with a mane like a lion. x

Clara said...

Melee: :) I love that photo too, it both of them are just too cute!

Grace: why thank you! my family's two dogs, sadly, do not even seem like they could be remotely related to wolves, but I can't help but love them in their strange, helpless way.

Ajk: oh thank you. :) I'd love to read your list! it sounds like it's off to a great start! my favorite would certainally be that baby bear...

Melee said...

Hey Clara - I just emailed you and I'm not sure if it's still your current email address. (It's the one we used to email back and forth on.) Just let me know if it's changed (and if you don't have my new email address, you can find it on my profile). :)

Lemon said...

This post made me smile. & you have a lovely blog!