Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Last week I was stir crazy to an extreme, I couldn't focus on anything and was frustrated, but I had no clue why. And then it hit me; all summer long I've been outside for at least four days a week, until work ended, and since I've hardly been outdoors or anywhere in almost three weeks. No wonder I'm loosing it! I needed to get outside. Now, I've gone blueberry picking with my family almost every summer for the past ten or eleven years, and every time we see the cranberries that aren't quite ripe yet among the blueberries, and I always want to come back later to pick them, but never have until now.

(photos are mine)

Thankfully it worked out for me to take my dad's truck and drive out that very afternoon. I was only out there about three hours and I didn't get many berries, but it was amazing. Being out alone on the hill, with just the wind and the silence gathering the last of summer's jewels for the winter was exactly what I needed. And I think I learned my lesson about how long this country mouse should stay inside.

Oh and happy October!

Love, Clara


Romantic Heroine said...

sounds fantastic! I like the first photo - it reminds me a bit of ireland...i loved to be outside, just me and the nature.

Anonymous said...

This post left me rather breathless. It is everything I love, love love. What stunning photographs.

Melee said...

Your description and the pictures are just breathtaking! Oh, how I long to do some solitary berry-picking now! And that is wonderful that you found out what was bothering you. :)

Clara said...

Romantic Heroine: you're right it does look a bit like Ireland! it does even more so when it's full summer and everything's green.

Thea: oh thank you! I'm so so glad you liked it.

Melee: thank you very much :D and you should do some berry picking, it's a wonderful thing for the soul.