Monday, October 17, 2011

Yes Please

I am happy to say that is what several of my days these past weeks have looked like. Tea and Tolkien, a wonderful combination. Only improved upon with lots of sewing. Yes, that's right, I've finally made some sewing progress! And I've finally photographed said progress! And I'm finally posting about it too! Wow.

And first up is my camera case. I wish I could show it to you with the camera in it, but... yeah. I got all of the materials at Joann's when I worked there last year, the button and the batting were on clearance and the fabric and the burlap were both remnants. So the whole project was very thrifty, costing me hardly anything and slightly denting my stash.
The buttonhole was the first one I've ever done on my new (as of last year) machine, so that was a little nerve wracking. I'm not extremely confided when it comes to button holes, I usually feel like I'd rather do them by hand, which is completely crazy, I know, but true. You see, before I was allowed to learn to use the sewing machine, my mom made me learn to sew by hand. I'm really glad she decided to teach me that way, but I blame her for the fact that even though I've been using the machine for 12+ years, I'm more at home with just a good ol' needle and thread.

And last, yet not completed, a blouse I'm working on. It's from a vintage pattern, that I'm finding I love. I'm making two of them at the moment, and they're both going to be sleeveless because I didn't have enough fabric for the sleeves. I don't mind though because it's perfect for layering that way, and also the summer. I've been planning to make them for around three years now, maybe even four. It's a good thing my tastes don't really change.

The snow has come, and I think it's going to stay. The trees are quite coated with their first layer of frosting and all but the roads are white. May you all have a lovely week!

Best wishes,



Melee said...

Your sewing projects both look mahvelous! I really admire your sewing-talents.
You know what button-hole makers on sewing machines make me think of? Mrs. Beaver in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, hehe. :)

P.S. Did my letter make its way to you safely?

Lemon said...

tea & Tolkien sounds wonderful right now as I'm winding down from a long day! and oh my, I am so jealous of your camera-pocket-making-skills! You could sell those!

Clara said...

Melee: yes I did get your letter! and a reply will be on to you shortly, I seem to have lost your address, but I will fix that soon...

Lemon: aw it wasn't too hard! :) but thank you, and actually I was thinking about maybe selling a few of them, we'll just have to see I guess! it's nice to know it's not a bad idea though. <3

Melee said...

Oh, good. I can never stop fearing my letters will be eaten by some unseen monster. ;)
If you still can't find my address, well, you know where to find me. :)