Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Loot

Hello.  It's been a little bit of time.  Here's some of the loot from my little excursion to Anchorage last week, all coordinating and pretty.

In the last post I mentioned working three jobs, and well, I am (thankfully, and wisely) down to two.  I've opted out of going back to the greenhouse this year.  It's bitter-sweet, I'll miss the sun and smell of dirt and the green and the flowers and the lovely, lovely people, but I'll have time this way.  And time, my friends, is worth more than the extra money.  I have enough, and God is my provider anyway.  I don't have to prove myself, I don't have to be so busy I'm irritable and exhausted, I don't have to be "successful" by anyone's standards other than my own.  It's like a quote I saw somewhere, probably on Pinterest.  "Stop the glorification of busy", it said.  And since that was what I wanted so badly to hear, I said okay.

So, yeah.  In the first picture you can kind of see my latest project, which I'll do a post about eventually.  It's a backpack which I was working on in this post here.  Sooo.... I guess that's all!  Hope this weekend is a good one!

Love, Clara


Jade said...

Thank you for this comforting, wise post! Looks like you've found some treasures to take home with you from Anchorage. :)

Clara said...

You're most welcome! :) It's all such a learning process is it not? Yup, we had a fun day of shopping, and I think I came out of it pretty well, haha.