Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Some mornings I can pretend that I'm a princess, and every night the coachmen cover my (car)riage in glitter.  And of course they are very sloppy, so the glitter get's everywhere, on the street and the stairs, porches and mailboxes and light poles.  And I whisper thank you as I scrape it off my car so I can see where I'm driving on the way to work, (because that glitter is awfully darn thick) and know that I'm blessed to see such beauty every morning, despite the cold, despite the dark.
 And as the frost crawls up the windows and filters the light, I must marvel at the beauty of the feathers and swirls.

And as the sun sets so early, I am thankful for the ease of witnessing a sunset, for it's lengthy twilight and dusk, and the diamonds it brings to life each afternoon.

It's cold, it's dark, but I do love the rhythm and magic of winter.

Love, Clara


Sarah said...

Oh Clara, how I have missed this. all the morning snow and flowers. oh. xx

Clara said...

Isn't it lovely!