Wednesday, November 19, 2008

and so...

Time to get to work on Christmas presents!
My friend, Lauren, and I are making these books together, for each other for Christmas. And I am just having so much fun working on it! We have a rule where we can't see the other's book until they're done, which is extremely hard when we work on them at the same time like we did last Sunday. These are my some of my favorite pages I've done so far.

I got the urge to do this page while I was writing all of the I wants for my last post. It's hands freeing a bird if you can't tell, sorry the pictures aren't too good. The writing is a little almost poem thing I wrote about basically freeing yourself from the cages that people and you put yourself in. I hope she likes this page a lot.

This is the first page I did and I love it so much it gives me shivers. Isn't it grand when things turn out exactly how you pictured them in you mind? Ooh, so satisfying! For this one, I drew out the trees and the girl on different paper and then cut them out (which, I might add was no easy chore) and glued them on to page spread which I had first washed with the blue paint. Also I will add that there are some very impressive (if I do say so myself) tiny branches and leaves that, sadly, did not show up in the picture. I just remembered to add, in case you couldn't tell, that its of a girl on a tireswing.

A circus! Hurray!
Since I'm showing you only my favorites, all I seem able to say is how much I love this or it was fun to make, and this is no exception. I adore this spread and it was a ball to put together. (how'd I do at that? hehe) I got the idea from the circus theme artwork that the blogger of artandghost was doing a while ago that I just fell in love with. Also, after this photo was taken I wrote some things on the edges and bottom of the pages since it seemed a bit bare.

Life's been busy but I'm going to work on posting more faithfully. It shouldn't be to bad since I'm getting much faster about it. I'll write again soon!

Love, Clara

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