Sunday, November 2, 2008

Promises and pixie dust

Once there was a young girl who wished for nothing more than to meet a fairy,
then one day and without any warning her wish came true!
She gazed at the being of light in shear aw.

Where could she have come from?

The young girl look up and down and all around her but could not find a single clue.

She smiled to think there might be a path out of this world in her own room.

The fairy spoke,
and told the girl her name and where she came from.
The two became friends, telling each other about they're worlds and lives.
Finally, the girl asked if there was a way she might escape into the world of the fairies.

"Yes," the fairy replied, "there is a way."
The girl gasped in delight.
"But," the fairy continued, "I have yet to discover its secrets.
However, now that I have met one of this world,
I shall work all the harder at my learnings,
until I have learned how to bring you back with me."

Disappointed, the young girl sat down, but she did not lose heart.
Someday, she would still get to leave.
Someday, the fairy world would welcome her.

It was now time to say goodbye,
and so they caressed,

and the girl let her go.

(all photos were taken by me)

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