Thursday, November 13, 2008

I want to... Be free, stay at home, Laugh, absorb sunlight, run, love someone, get my hands messy, sew, mail a letter, cook, collect, hold a baby, share, take a long bubble bath, dance, bake bread, design something for someone special, drink wine, clean, tell someone I love them, carve a pumpkin, toss a coin in a fountain, Paint, go skinny-dipping, go to an antique store, Jump on the bed, dink apple cider, run away, build a tree house, meet someone new, say NO, read aloud to myself, dance alone, cry, hold hands with someone, gallop away on a horse, sing and sing and sing, Fly, have a pillow fight, go on a road trip, find the perfect bike, break a law, take beautiful pictures, go caroling, bake cookies, have a food fight, throw a plate against a wall, go sailing, go to a ball, explore a forest, travel, move to my imaginary world, do photo shoots, explore a cave, grow a garden, paint a mural, eat breakfast in bed, be asked to dance, pick apples from my own apple tree, touch some one's life, milk a goat, bless a person, keep bees and collect the honey, not worry, live alone, publish a knitting pattern, live in a story book, learn something new every day, have my own shop, know something no one else knows, howl at the moon, ride in a hot air balloon, Dance in the Rain, have a picnic by myself, decorate my play house, be pushed on the swings, forgive faster, Be happy with my self, grow roses, and set a songbird free.

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Betsey said...

ooh this is lovely, your blog is beautiful!
i just wanted to say THANK YOU for your comment on my post! It is seriously so rewarding to read what you wrote & know that there are people out there who trust and believe in God as well. I was so nervous to see what people would say in response and i was pleasantly surprised by your comment especially! so thank you again & i hope you have a lovely, lovely day!